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Choosing a Kitten

These beautiful little spotted babies are looking for a good home.

Let me know what you are looking for. All my kittens come with the best guarantees for health and temperament. I am proud of the quality of kittens we offer. I work to make sure you are happy with your selection.

Kittens are not made available to the waiting list until they are about six weeks of age.

Making an informed choice

The Bengal cats' appearance evolve over time. Their pattern and coloring continue to change until they are fully mature at around two years of age. I will provide photos of their sire and dam to help you visualize what the kittens will look like at maturity. Also, this site illustrates kitten development, showing how their personality develops to assist you in choosing your kitten. At around four weeks of age, each kitten will have its own page. Videos and photos display their changes and development.

Each kitten's page provides videos and photos that allow you a real time view of their health, temperament and beauty.

Five Weeks


Four Weeks
Three Weeks

Newborn kitten clumpsnewborns