Our Ancestors,

A History of Hightower, Bostic,

 and Related Families


 Surnames I am researching are Hightower, Bostic(k), Womick, Vogt, Neal, Cole, Harrill(Harrell), Williams, Jefferson, Wall, Grose, Goode, McBrayer, Caggley, Taylor, Mason, Putnam, Pickens, Hamrick, McIntire.


This incomplete compilation is an attempt to preserve bits and pieces from the history of our Hightower,  Bostic, and related families. Hopefully this study will be for other generations to enjoy and continue to add to the genealogical history of our family.


Thanks to all those relatives who provided a wealth of information on our ancestors as well as photographs of our family. If you find any incorrect information or have any updated information please contact me at:



W. C. Hightower, III


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My first encounter with Vance Donnahoo (in the late 1980’s) spurred an interest in my Hightower ancestry and for this I am grateful. This Hightower line was most difficult for me to trace beyond John Henry and this line is where I started my study. On my Bostic side there was an abundance of sources available to assist me in this endeavor.




      DIED OCTOBER 31, 1929 ROUTE 2, INMAN, S.C.  




John Henry Hightower with his wife Catherine Elizabeth Neal Hightower 

     Photo courtesy of Marjorie Hawkins Hemphill





From the Cocke County, Tennessee 1850 Census listed below we find John Henry at age six, living with his father Allen and Allen’s second wife Priscilla.



SURNAME                           AGE        SEX        BORN     OCCUPATION     IN SCHOOL         


                Allen                      37            M            SC           Farmer

                Priscilla                  20            F              NC

                William                   15            M            TN          Farmer                    school

                Allen                      14            M            TN                                          school

                Angeline                12            F              TN                                          school

                Margaret                10            F              TN                                         school

                Susan                      8             F              TN

                John                        6             M            TN



His (half?) brother Thomas Jefferson Hightower not listed in the above census had left home and was living with the Summerous family in Forsyth County, GA (Dwelling No. 335, page 169, 24 Aug 1850 Forsyth County, GA census) Mr. H. Summerous age 34 was listed as a merchant as was Thomas Jefferson Hightower listed as age 20. Also a S.R. Henderson, a merchant, was listed in this household. Thomas Jefferson married Elizabeth E. Henderson.


John's mother could have been Allen’s first wife Louisa Jefferson Hightower but research (by Herbert Barger and Agnes Ranseen) shows a Louisa Turpin Jefferson (related to President Thomas Jefferson) deceased July 3, 1834 in Plymouth Hinds County, MS? Herb Barger shows Louisa Turpin Jefferson as wife of Allen but has no sources to show this connection. Another researcher (Janet Ricke) shows Louisa Jefferson died about 1845 probably in the birth of her last son John. Hightower researcher Walter Walker shows in a chart three descendants of Allen Hightower and Louisa Jefferson of Cocke County, TN to be Thomas Jefferson Hightower, William Hightower, and John Henry Hightower.  Louisa Jefferson (first wife of Allen Hightower) was a native of Virginia and believed to be of the same family to which president Thomas Jefferson belonged. (“Memories of Georgia”, Pub. by Southern Historical Assoc., Atlanta, GA.) If Louisa died before John Henry was born this would possibly make Priscilla (last name unknown) his mother. If Priscilla’s age is correct then it is unlikely she is the mother of all of these children except Thomas. If Louisa indeed died in 1834, could this mean Allen would have been married three times?


The Rankin and Pullian journal from Cocke County, TN shows that in 1838 on July 23, Allen Hightower bought a hat for Phillip Jefferson for the sum of three dollars. (Over The Misty Blue Hills, The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee by Ruth Webb O’Dell, pg 315).  Rankin and Pullian had businesses at both Newport and Parrottsville in Cocke County. On July 27, 1837 the journal also shows Allen Hightower bought a pair of cotton cards for 88 cents.


According to a newspaper article in THE AUGUSTA (GA) TIMES, dated Sunday Morning, February 11, 19??, Thomas Allen Hightower (DB 11-09-1874 Cherokee Township, S.C.;DD 06-07-1970) described his father John Henry Hightower as "a planter and farmer, (who) served as a volunteer in the Confederate Armies and participated with distinction in many of the famous engagements of the war, including the Battle of Gettysburg. The Hightower family is one of the oldest in the South, having been established originally in Eastern Virginia, and carried by later generations into South Carolina."


John Henry's obituary in the FOREST CITY (NC) COURIER, dated Thursday, November 7, 1929, tells "Mr. Hightower was born July 12, 1845.  During the War Between the States he cast his lot with his native state of Tennessee, and fought throughout being wounded three times, one wound which made him a cripple for life.  He was a member of the Boiling Springs Baptist Church, where he had belonged for 58 years"


The following J. Hightower's can be found in "Tennesseans in The Civil War".  The middle one is the most promising at this time as being this John Henry since the 26th "C" had men from Cocke County. There is no record found at this time that any of these three units were involved in the battle of Gettysburg.


J. H. Hightower, Pvt., Company H, 17th Tennessee Infantry

John Hightower, Pvt., Company C, 26th Infantry

John Hightower, Ffr., Company B, 59th Mounted Infantry


There was a J. H. Hightons (sp?) Pvt, Company D, 62nd Tennessee Infantry paroled at field listed in the Confederate Parole Records of the National Park Service’s Vicksburg Battlefield web site.  There was no Hightons listed in the book  "Tennesseans in The Civil War" so this may have been a misspelling of Hightower. The 62nd Tennessee Infantry, Company D was mustered in Monroe County and Company I of the 62nd was mustered in Cocke County.


There was also another John Hightower with the 11th Mississippi Infantry Company H who was wounded through both arms on August 28, 1863. This unit fought at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1-3, 1863.


John Henry's oldest brother (or half-brother), Thomas Jefferson Hightower was born in Parrottsville, Cocke County, Tennessee and later lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  According to family stories they both  served  on the Southern side in the War Between the States and other brothers may have fought for the North and some brothers and half-sisters may have stayed in Tennessee. According to Dupree Hightower (b. 15-Dec-1910), Thomas ran the Hightower-Hallman Wholesale Grocery in Atlanta. Dupree has in his possession a letter written in 1897 to Dupree’s father John "Ed" Edward Hightower (b. 8-Sep-1881, d. 23-Oct-1955) from Uncle Tom to on the occasion of Ed's 16th birthday. The “Porch Picture” of Thomas  J. Hightower is courtesy of Marjorie Hawkins Hemphill, the granddaughter of John Henry Hightower. She is the daughter of Ida Lorena Hightower b 9-Jan-1888 d 21 Jan 1973 and David Hawkins b 12 May 1889 d 21 Jul 1966. Marjorie says that although she did not know Uncle Thomas, he apparently liked her mother and he sent her mother a trunk. The trunk had her mom's name stamped on the end and also contained clothes and cloth. The “Porch Picture” was sent to her mother by Uncle Thomas. Marjorie also noted that Uncle Thomas owned a store in Atlanta and thought the clothes and cloth came from his store.


Thomas Jefferson Hightower, John Henry's oldest (half) brother, ran a general store in Cherokee County, Ga. until the spring of 1862 when he sold out the business for the purpose of accepting an appointment under the Confederate government in the quartermasters department, with the headquarters located in Atlanta. He remained in Atlanta after the war and was a successful businessman. He served as state senator in the 1859 and 1860 sessions. (“Memories of Georgia”, Pub. by Southern Historical Assoc., Atlanta, GA.)(Letter from Walter A. Walker, July 31, 1958)



Thomas Jefferson Hightower Sr. (seated) with family members. Photo courtesy of Marjorie Hawkins Hemphill


As the western most terminus on the Spartanburg and Union Railroad, completed in 1859, the Spartanburg village was the first destination of   wounded soldiers heading home from the battlefields of the Civil War. A temporary hospital was outfitted for the care of the wounded that could not immediately set out for home. The “Wayside Hospital” for Confederate soldiers operated in a building at about the location of the present day Catholic Church of St. Paul the Apostle on North Dean Street. It was not a regular army hospital, but more of a medical station for sick or wounded soldiers trying to make their way home. While in Spartanburg many wounded soldiers boarded in the private homes of residents before they proceeded home on foot or wagon. It is believed this is how John Henry ended up in Spartanburg County.


According to John Henry's family bible (in possession of Milton Powell), John Henry Hightower married Elizabeth Catherine Neal in Spartanburg County, S.C. on October 10, 1872. They were married at Captain Williamson Seay's home by S.S. Lancaster.



The Bible includes the marriage certification page as follows:


What therefore God hath joined together let not man put asunder.


That J. H. Hightower

and E. C. Neal

were united by me in the bonds of


At Wm. Seay's on the 10 day of

October in the year of our Lord 1872

in the presence of Harrison Brown, L. C. Bishop, etc.

Signed S.S. Lancaster

Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and

shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.

Gen. 11 24


The other dates listed in this bible are:



                John H. Hightower was born Jul. 12, 1845

                E. C. Hightower was born Apr. 12, 1854

                Mary E. Hightower was born Aug. 8, 1873

                Thomas Allen Hightower was born Nov. 9, 1874

                Leander Clark Hightower was born May 6, 1876

                Jesse Robert Hightower was born Nov. 30, 1878

                John Edward Hightower was born Sept. 8, 1881

                Martha Jane Hightower was born Apr. 30, 1886

                Ida Lurana Hightower was born Jan. 9, 1888

                Laura Ophelia Hightower was born March 14, 1890

                Wm. Chapman Hightower was born Jan. 21, 1893

                James Harvey Hightower was born Dec. 21, 1895

                Elizabeth Ann Wall was born Dec. 20, 1827



                Mary E. Hightower was married to J. B. Dunahoo, Aug. 19, 1894

                L. C. Hightower was married to Minnie Bridges, Oct. 14, 1900

                T. A. Hightower was married June 2, 1901 to Ila B. Greene

                J. E. Hightower was married to Emma Brannon Nov. 8, 1903

                Ida L. Hightower was married to David Hawkins July 12, 1908

                Laura Hightower was married to Bookter Powell Sept. 23, 1909

                James Harvey Hightower was married to Alice E. Atkins January 21st 1923

                Martha Janie Hightower was married to William Pinkney Williams November 21, 1929.                                                                                                                                  (asSquire)(1869)



                Elizabeth Ann Seay died Oct. 30, 1894

                Jesse Robert Hightower died Oct. 12, 1895

                John Henry Hightower died Oct. 31, 1929

                Catherine Neal Hightower died July 22, 1931

                William Chapman Hightower died July 26, 1938

                Leander Clark Hightower died Sept. 1, 1945

                James Harvey Hightower died March 17, 1947

                John E. Hightower died October 23, 1955

                Janie Williams Hightower February 5, 1952

                Mary E. Donnahoo died January 11, 1963

                Laura Hightower Powell April 26, 1976


The 1880 census of Spartanburg County lists the family in Beech Springs Township and shows John Henry was born in Tennessee, wife Catherine born in North Carolina, and children Mary E.(6),  Allen(5), Leander(4), and Jessie(1) all born in South Carolina.  The census also shows Elizabeth A. Seay age 50 listed as boarder and mother-in-law being widowed/divorced. John Henry was the only adult in the family who could not read or write. The census states John's father was born in South Carolina and his mother was born in Tennessee (possibly his step mother). Catherine's father was listed as born in North Carolina and her mother born in South Carolina


The 1900 census of Spartanburg County lists the family in Cherokee Springs Township and lists, besides John and Catherine, the family living at home as Eddie (DB 1881), Jane(DB 1886), Ida(DB 1888),  Laura(DB 1890), Willie(DB 1893), and Harvey(DB 1894). John owned the farm free and clear. The four oldest children were listed as farm laborers who attended school for four months in the previous year. Allen (DB 1874) was listed in Pacolet Township as a border of William P. Hoy. He was employed by Pacolet Mills. 




Left to right: Laura Hightower Powell, Janie Alliene Powell, Bookter Powell, James Milton Powell, Martha Jane “Janie” Hightower, John Henry Hightower, Elizabeth Catherine Neal Hightower. The picture was taken circa 1913/1914.  Photo courtesy of Minnie Lee (Powell) Ravan


The Hightower farm was located on the Pacolet River. In 1999 the one sign left of the home place at the corner of Peachtree Road and Oakmont Road is the well. The house is still standing but the front porch and back two room additions are removed according to Milton Powell. Peachtree Road was formerly Traxler Dairy Road. It is believed Traxler Dairy owned the land after John Henry. The Inman Pallet Company is now located on this land and Rainbow Lake is nearby.  According to Josephine Womick (Hightower) Frasheur (b. 23-April 1898, d. 24-Nov-1990), "although John Henry was wounded in the War Between the States, had a silver plate in his head, shrapnel in his leg and hip, and walked with a cane, this did not stop him from farming. He had the legs cut off a chair and a gunnysack with padding in the seat so he could move along and work in the rows. He could keep up with the best field hand - even with his handicap."


Milton Powell tells when he was growing up John Henry would walk with his cane or crutch and an axe into the woods. When he had finished felling and cutting up the tree he would call to Milton to bring the wagon down and load the wood. Milton said his grandpa could not ride in the seat or drive the wagon because of his stiff leg. Milton said he always left room on the tailgate so his grandpa could ride on the back. Milton has a gun which was passed down to him from John Henry Hightower.


John's wife Catherine had a brother John Neal. John Henry Hightower and Catherine Elizabeth Neal Hightower had 10 children and 41 grandchildren. John Henry died at the age of 84 at his home. He and Catherine are both buried in the cemetery of the New Prospect Baptist Church near Inman, S.C. Location of their graves is unknown at this time although Catherine’s mother Elizabeth Ann Wall Neal Seay and brother John Neal are buried beside each other in marked graves.





    GRANTEE                                             GRANTOR                                                BOOK /PAGE /YR. INST./YR.OF REC/NO.ACRES /LOCATION



                        CATHERINE E.                 JNO. HIGHTOWER                                 4-C          152     1891   1893                    53                                          

                        JNO                                        JNO. C. NEAL                                            RRR        412     1887   1899                    1 LOT OR TRACT

                        CATHERINE                      JNO. HIGHTOWER                                 4-C          151     1891   1903                    PERSONAL PROPERTY




                        HIGHTOWER  JNO.        CATHERINE E. HIGHTOWER           4-C           152     1895   1896                   53

                         JNO.                                      CATHERINE E. HIGHTOWER           4-C           151     1891   1893                   PERSONAL PROPERTY

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         21/100 1/10 A.



                        JNO. C.                                  JNO. HIGHTOWER         RRR         412     1887    1899                  1 LOT OR TRACT




                         WILLIAMSON                 J. R. POOLE  SHERIFF   CC            103     1852    1852                   62






                                                                                                                                                WHERE BORN: SELF/FATHER /MOTHER


                        JOHN,  WM, 34, HUSBAND and FARMER who could not read/ write          TENN            S.C.                 TENN

                        CATHERINE, WF, 25, WIFE KEEPING HOUSE                                                 N.C.                N.C.                S.C.

                        MARY E. , WF, 6, DAUGHTER                                                                                   S.C.                 TENN            N.C.

                        ALLEN, WM, 5, SON                                                                                                      S.C.                 TENN            N.C.

                        LEANDER, WM , 4, SON                                                                                              S.C.                 TENN            N.C.

                        JESSIE , WM , 1, SON                                                                                                      S.C.                 TENN            N.C.

SEAY            ELIZABETH A.,WF, 50, MOTHER-IN-LAW, widowed, BOARDER             S.C.                 S.C.                 TENN





                                                                        DOB MTH./ YR. /AGE LAST BIRTHDAY/MARITAL STATUS


                        JOHN , HEAD,  WM                                JULY             1845              54                   Married

                        CATHERINE, WIFE, WF                       APRIL          1854              46                   Married 27 years with 10 children, 9 still living

                        EDDIE ,  SON, WM                                   SEPT            1881              18                   Single

                        JANE , DAUGHTER,  WF                      APRIL          1886              14                   Single

                        IDA , DAUGHTER,  WF                          JAN               1988              12                   Single

                        LAURA, DAUGHTER, WF                   MARCH       1890              10                   Single

                        WILLIE ,  SON, WM                                JAN                1893                 7                   Single

                        HARVEY ,SON,WM                                DEC               1894                 5                   Single




The 1910 US Census South Carolina, Spartanburg County,  Cherokee Township Location 227 lists John and Catherine along with Jane, William, and Harvey. This census shows John's mother as being born in South Carolina.


The 1850 census for Spartanburg County, S.C. location 157 shows:


                        Wall                                       Clark                                      40                   wm                  farmer                                     SC

                        Wall                                       Catharine                              40                   wf                                                                    SC

                        Wall                                       Elizabeth                              22                   wf                                                                    SC

                        Wall                                       J.L.                                          20                   wm                  farmer                                     SC

                        Wall                                       M.R.                                       18                   wm                  farmer                                     SC

                        Wall                                       Robert                                   16                   wm                  farmer                                     SC

                        Wall                                       Jesse                                       14                   wm                                                                  SC

                        Wall                                       B.H.                                        12                   wm                                                                  SC

                        Wall                                       Cyprisse                               10                   wf                                                                    SC

                        Wall                                       Mason                                      8                   wm                                                                  SC


The 1860 Census of Spartanburg County S.C., Northern District, location 157 lists Elizabeth Neal 32F (who later married Capt. Williamson Seay) and her two children Catherine 5 and John 3 living with her parents, Clark and Catherine Wall. Also B. Haynea Wall 17M, Jani S. Wall 15F, Macnia Wall 12F.



John Henry Hightower

Photo courtesy of Marjorie Hawkins Hemphill


John Hightower's obituary reads as follows:





                Inman, S.C., Nov. 4.-    Mr. John H Hightower, aged 84 years,  died at his home on Inman R.F.D., 2, Wednesday afternoon at 3  o'clock, after an extended illness. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at one o'clock at New Prospect Baptist church, near Inman. The services were in charge of Rev. J. G. Wood, of Boiling Springs, S.C., assisted by Rev. A. J. Bolt of Inman S. C., Rev. W. B. Jenkins, Woodruff  S.C., and Rev. J. A. Brock of Henrietta. Internment was in New Prospect cemetery.  Mr. Hightower is survived by his widow, Mrs. Catherine Neal Hightower, and the following sons and daughters: Mrs. John Dunahoo, Inman, S.C., R-1, T. A. Hightower, Edgefield, S.C.; L. C.  Hightower, Spartanburg; E. H. Hightower, Inman, R-1; Miss Jannie Hightower, Inman; Mrs. D. E. Hawkins, Avondale; Mrs. Bookter Powell, Inman; W. C. Hightower, of Henrietta; J. H. Hightower,  Columbia. A number of grandchildren also survive.  Grandsons of Mr. Hightower were pallbearers, as follows:  Isom, Jim, Vance, and Grover Dunahoo, Dupree Hightower and Milton Powell. Honorary pallbearers were Messer’s. M. R. Burnett, C. W. McDowell, J. H. Burnett, D. W. Willis, C. C. L. Finch, M. R.  Coggins, J. J. Clemet, G. L. Bishop, F. E. Connon, J. E. Collins, J. M. Parris, J. T. Powell, G. C. Wolfe and James Forester, all deacons of the Boiling Springs and New Prospect Baptist churches. Flower Bearers were Mrs. L. L. Brock, Irene Coggins, Oleta Powell, Lila Maude Powell, Rosa Burdette, Edna Burdette, Ester Hightower and Lila Parris.  Mr. Hightower was born July 12, 1845. During the War Between the States he cast his lot with his native state of Tennessee, and fought throughout being wounded three times, one wound which made him a cripple for life. He was a member of Boiling   Springs Baptist Church, where he had belonged for 58 years.  Many beautiful flowers covered his grave, which were donated by people in North and South Carolina.



Photo courtesy of Marjorie Hawkins Hemphill

Elizabeth Catherine Neal Hightower

Born April 12, 1854 in N.C.

Died July 22, 1931 Spartanburg County, S.C.



Her obituary from the Journal and Carolina Spartan Newspaper Friday July 24, 1931 reads:




Funeral services for Mrs. Catherine Hightower, 78, who died Wednesday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Donnahoo, near Inman, after a brief illness, were conducted at New Prospect Church at 2o’clock Friday afternoon, the Rev. W. Clyde Smith, of Boiling Springs, and the Rev. J. H. Brock, of Henrietta, N.C. officiating. Burial was in the churchyard. She was the widow of the late John Hightower.


Mrs. Hightower is survived by the following children: Mrs. John Donnahoo, of Inman; Mrs. Janie Williams, of Spartanburg; Mrs. D. E. Hawkins, of Avondale, N. C.; Mrs. Bookter Powell, of Boiling Springs; T. A. Hightower, of Edgefield; L. C. Hightower of Spartanburg; Ed Hightower of Boiling Springs; Wil Hightower, of Henrietta and Harvey Hightower of Columbia.


Pallbearers were her grandsons; William, Ed, Isom, Jim and Vance Donnahoo.


Flower girls: Miss Odessa Hightower, Mrs. Lamar Brock, Mrs. Floyd Gailbraith, Miss Maude Donnahoo, Miss Rosa Burnett and Miss Edna Burnett.



William Chapman Hightower, Sr.

Born January 21, 1893 in Spartanburg County, SC

Died July 26, 1938 in Rutherford County, NC



William Hightower's obituaries read:





         Henrietta, N. C., July 26. -William Chapman Hightower, 45, for 25 years a funeral director in this community and former coroner of Rutherford county, died at his home here at 4 A.M. today after a long illness.  Mr. Hightower was a native of the Boiling Springs community in Spartanburg County, S.C.  He came here in 1908 to engage in the funeral directing business.  At the time of his death he was a member of the firm of Blackwell and Hightower.  He was the son of the late John and Catherine Neal Hightower. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Josephine Womack Hightower; five children, Helen, Ray, Betty Jo, Juanita, and William C. Jr.; sisters, Mrs. John Donnahoo, Spartanburg; Mrs. Bookter Powell, Inman, S.C., Route 1; Mrs. W. P. Williams, Campobello, S.C., and Mrs. Ida Hawkins, Caroleen, N.C., and four brothers, T. A. of Edgefield, S.C., L. C. of Spartanburg; J. E. of Inman, and Harvey Hightower of Columbia.

         Funeral Services will be held at High Shoals Baptist church Wednesday at 3 p.m., with the Rev.  Elijah Myers, the Rev. T. H. Parris, the Rev. Mr. Biggerstaff, and the Rev. Mr. Simpson officiating.  Internment will follow in the church cemetery. Pallbearers will be Wade Hughes, Hedric Watkins, R. J. Holmes, William Morrow, Summey Holland, and Paul Carpenter. Flower bearers will be Grace Cantrell, Eunice Thomas, Vernia Wall, Annie Hicks, Helen, Mary, and Jettie Smith, Mary Mooneyham, Mary Lancaster, Virginia Morris, Margaret Wilson, Mary Morgan, Sue Cain, Mattie Summey, Polly Hicks, Maude Newton, Merle Davis, Melrose Lancaster, Dorothy Eddings, and Avondale Eddings. The body will be at the home on Main Street at Avondale until the hour of the funeral.




         Forest City, July 26. - William C. Hightower, aged 46, died at his home in Henrietta Tuesday morning at 4:10 o'clock, he had been in ill health several years and had only recently returned from the Black Mountain sanatorium.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the High Shoals Baptist church, with the Rev.  Elzie Myers, of Henrietta, officiating assisted by Rev.  T. H. Parrish, of Henrietta, Rev.  H. E.  Stimson, of Cliffside, and Rev.  W. P.  Biggerstaff, of Avondale. Interment will be in the High Shoals cemetery.  Mr. Hightower was a son of the late John and Catherine Neal Hightower, of Spartanburg County, S. C. He was born and reared in Spartanburg county S. C., but came to Cliffside when 18 years of age where he resided until about 12 years ago when he moved to Henrietta.  He is survived by his wife, the former Miss Josephine Womack, of Cliffside, four daughters, Helen, Rae, Betty Jo and Juanita, and one son, William C. Hightower, Jr., all at home; four brothers, T. A. Hightower, Edgefield, S. C.; L. C. Hightower, Spartanburg, S. C.; J. E. Hightower, R. F. D., Inman, S. C.; and Harvey Hightower, of Columbia, S. C.; four sisters, Mrs. John Donnahue, Spartanburg, R. F. D., S. C.; Mrs. Bookter Powell, Inman, R-1, S. C.; Mrs. W. P. Williams, Campobello, S. C.; and Mrs. Ida Hawkins, Caroleen. Mr. Hightower was connected with the Blackwell-Hightower Company, undertakers of Henrietta, his association with that firm dating back to its establishment in Henrietta.  He was a member of the Henrietta Baptist Church, a member of the J. O.  U.  A.  M., and of the Redmen.  He served two terms, from December 1928 to December 1932, as coroner of Rutherford County.





         Henrietta, July 27. - William C. Hightower, aged 46, familiarly known to hundreds of people in Rutherford County as "Bill", died at his home here Tuesday morning at 4:10 o'clock.  He had been in ill health several years and had only recently returned from the Black Mountain sanatorium. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the High Shoals Baptist church, with the Rev.  Elzie Myers, of Henrietta, officiating, assisted by Rev.  T. H. Parrish, of Henrietta, Rev.  H. E.  Stimson, of Cliffside, and Rev. W. P. Biggerstaff, of Avondale. Interment was in the High Shoals cemetery. Mr. Hightower was the son of the late John and Catherine Neal Hightower, of Spartanburg County, S. C. He was born and reared in Spartanburg county, but came to Cliffside when 18 years of age where he resided until about 12 years ago when he moved to Henrietta.  He is survived by his wife, the former Miss Josephine Womack, of Cliffside, four daughters, Helen, Rae, Betty Jo and Juanita, and one son, William C. Hightower, Jr., all at home; four brothers, T. A.  Hightower, Edgefield, S. C.; L. C. Hightower, Spartanburg, S. C.; J. E.  Hightower, R. F. D., Inman, S. C.; and Harvey Hightower, of Columbia, S. C.; four sisters, Mrs. John Donnahue, Spartanburg, R. F. D., S. C.; Mrs.  Bookter Powell, Inman, R-1, S. C.; Mrs. W. P. Williams, Campobello, S. C.; and Mrs. Ida Hawkins, Caroleen.  Mr. Hightower was connected with the Blackwell-Hightower Company, undertakers of Henrietta, his association with that firm dating back to its establishment in Henrietta.  He was a member of the Henrietta Baptist Church, a member of the J. O.  U.  A.  M., and of the Redmen. He served two terms, from December 1928 to December 1932, as coroner of Rutherford County.



Josephine Janie Womick Hightower Frasheur

Born April 23, 1898 in Forest City, NC

Died November 22, 1990 in Spartanburg, SC


Josephine’s obituary follows:




             FOREST CITY, N.C. - Josephine Hightower Frasheur, 92, of Forest City, N.C., died Nov. 22 1990, in Pinewood Manor Nursing Home in Spartanburg following a long illness. A native of Rutherford County, she was the widow of Francis Frasheur and daughter of the late Quinn Lee and Margaret Eva Cole Womick.  She was first married to the late W. C. Hightower.  She was a member of Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church and a retired textile employee.

             Survivors include one son, William C. Hightower Jr. of Spartanburg; three daughters, Eva Raye Marsh of Ypsilanti, Mich., Betty Jo Childers of Spindale, N.C. and Ila Jaunita Shytles of Newnan, Ga.; one stepson, Jehu Frasheur of El Centro, Calif.; one brother, Worth W. Womick of Forest City, N.C.; two sisters, Mary Quinn Prewitt of Forest City and Lee Griffin of Spindale, N.C.; three half sisters, Rose Yelton of Asheville, N.C., Ruth Williams of Mt. Holly and Daisy Taylor of Cayce; nine grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren; four step-grandchildren; and two step great-great-grandchildren.

             Visitation will be held from 7 to 8:30 tonight at Harrelson Funeral Home.

             Services will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Harrelson Funeral Chapel by the Rev. Donald Freshour.  Burial will be in High Shoals Baptist Church Cemetery.

             Memorials may be made to Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church, Forest City, N.C., 28043.





Date of Birth

April 23, 1898


Date of Death

November 22, 1990


Place and Time of Service

Harrelson Funeral Home

2:00 P. M., Sunday

November 22, 1990



Rev. Donald Freshour



High Shoals

Baptist Church Cemetery



Mr. Brian Hightower

Mr. Bill Hightower  Mr. Ronny North

Mr. Robert Silvers  Mr. Rick Straley

Mr. Charles Shytles


Funeral Directors

Harrelson Funeral Home





Mr. William C. Hightower, Jr.



Mrs. Eva Raye Marsh

Mrs. Betty Jo Childers

Mrs. Ila Jaunita Shytles



Mr. Jehu Frasheur



Mr. Worth W. Womick



Mrs. Mary Quinn Prewitt

Mrs. Lee Griffin


Half Sisters

Mrs. Rose Yelton

Mrs. Ruth Williams

Mrs. Daisy Taylor


Nine Grandchildren

Nine Great Grandchildren

Four Great Great Grandchildren

Four Step Grandchildren

Two Step Great Grandchildren





Samuel Leonard Bostic and wife Ethel Malissie Vogt Bostic


After they were married Leonard and Ethel lived in Bostic, N.C. on Bostic/Sunshine road near a Ruth Smith. They then lived in a house (later burned when tenant farmer Creed Hutchins was living there) on the property of the Harrill home place (belonged to Housand or Jesse Harrill and then Cordie Harrill Bostic). They moved into the Harrill/Bostic home place with Cordie and this eventually became their property. Leonard worked as a mechanic for Earrie Walker (later Clifford Owens garage) and then with the Rutherford County Garage. They leased most of the land to tenant farmers. They were both members of Concord Baptist Church and were very active in the church and community. As a small child, I remember picking cotton in the field across from the home place with mom and then riding in the trailer of cotton to the gin in Bostic. I spent time with grandpa in the summer at the garage where they mostly worked on school buses. He would give me old pieces to tear apart and play with. I remember a hog pen and garden back of the house, a chicken coop and other outbuildings to the side of the house. The barn was across the highway. We walked the field they leased to tenant farmers after they were plowed and found quartz arrowheads and quartz crystals quite often.  



Quinn Lee Womick and first wife Margaret Eva Cole Womick


Q. L. Womack (sic) Retired Mill Officer Dies


                Quinn L. Womack, 77, retired official of Cliffside Mills, died at 4:45 a. m. Saturday in his home near Henrietta, after a lingering illness. He was connected with Cliffside Mills for more than 40 years, was a charter member of the Cliffside Methodist Church and a steward. He was Sunday school superintendent for 11 years, choir director for many years and a member of the Masonic Order.

                Funeral services will be held at 3 P.M. in the Cliffside Methodist Church with the Rev. G. L. Miller and the Rev. H. L. Harkey officiating.  Burial will be in the family plot in the Pleasant Grove Methodist Church in Forest City.  The body will lie in state at the church for one hour prior to the funeral.

                Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Mary Durant Womack; one son, W. W. Womack of Avondale; six daughters, Mrs. W. C. Hightower of Avondale, Mrs. R. E. Pruitt of Forest City, Mrs. Forest Griffin of Spindale, Mrs. Vernon Yelton Jr. of Spindale, Mrs. C. K. Williams Jr. of Mt. Holly,  Mrs. Robert F. Taylor of Columbia, S. C.; 25 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren.

                Also one sister, Mrs. Lellie Doggett of Newport News, Va.; two half-brothers, D. C. Cole and Jay Cole of Forest City; two step-sisters, Mrs. George Griffin and Mrs. Maude Hamrick of Forest City; and two step-brothers, John Cole of Canton and Horace Cole of Concord.





Samuel Leonard Bostic b. Oct. 29, 1870 d. Sept. 6, 1900

and his wife

Cordelia “Cordie” Leah Harrill Bostic b. Aug. 26, 1869 d. Feb. 2, 1958

married on April 4, 1894




Family Record Of Cordia Harrill Bostic From Bible Published 1877 by

    The American Bible Society New York..  Cordia "Cordie" Leah Harrill

    b.8-26-1869 Rutherford County, N.C.  d.2-2-1958 buried Concord Baptist

    Church m.4-4-1894 to Samuel Leonard Bostic b.10-29-1870 d.9-6-1900

    Rutherford County.

    Bible in possession of Lorelei Bostic Hightower.


    From back of front page:


    Samuel Harrill was born Feb.9.1811

    Samuel Harrill was married March 12.A.D.1846

    Amelia Harrill was born Dec.17.1846

    Drucilla Harrill was born March 6 1848

    Susan Harrill was born Aug 23 1849

    Delfa F Harrill was born Sept 27 1852

    W. H. Harrill was born Oct 3 1853

    J. J. Harrill was born June 6 1855

    Almina Elizabeth Harrill was born Nov 8 1856

    La??? Harrill was born Apr 8 1860

    John Harrill was born June 20 1862

    Amos Harrill was born Aug 20, 1864

    Mary Lou Harrill was born Dec 27 1866

    Cordia L Harrill was born Aug 26 1869


    From Family Record section:




    Samuel Harrill /  Leah Harrill

    Cordia Bostic / Leonard Bostic

    Cordie Harrill / Leonard Bostic was married Apr 4, 1894




    Cordie L. Bostic was born Aug 28  1869

    S. L. Bostic was born Oct 29. 1870

    Margaret Leah B was born Jan.7. 1895

    Ifa Sala Bostic "      " Aug.25.  1896

    Floyd Housan B  "      " Nov.9.  1898

    Samuel Leonard B"      " Feb.11.  1901


    Margaret L. Bostic and Thos. W. Calton was married Apr. 2 1915

         Thos Witt Jr. was born May 8 1916 died May 10 1916

         Frances Elois Calton was born Jan 13 1918

         Robert Kenyon Calton was born May 13 1920




    S. L. Bostic died Sept 6 1900

    Ifa Sala Bostic ""

    Margaret Leah Calton April 30 1950

    Floyd Housan Bostic   











Samuel Harrill, Jr. (b. 9-Feb-1811 d. 22-Jun-1896)

married 12-Mar-1846 in Rutherford County, N.C. to

Leah McBrayer (b. 3-Oct-1829 d. 8-Apr-1915)

both are buried in Concord Baptist Church Cemetery







Allen Hightower


The source of the following information on Allen is from a report dated 1990

by Charles T. Hightower, Jr.


Allen Hightower was born about 1812 in South Carolina, He was apparently the second son of Thomas Hightower and wife Nancy Mason or Martha _____, Allen moved with these parents from Barnwell County, S.C. first to Virginia where they stayed a short while. Soon they moved to Cocke County, Tennessee. Allen appears to have married twice and had a total of thirteen children. The usual records of family events are rare, partly due to a Cocke courthouse fire.


 Louisa Jefferson is referred to as Allen’s wife in a biography of Allen’s son Thomas Jefferson Hightower in Memoirs of Georgia  published 1895. The 1830 census of Cocke County shows Allen’s household to be one male (Allen) and one female (Louisa?) both age 15 to 20 and another male under age 5 (probably their firstborn Thomas Jefferson Hightower, born October 29, 1829. By the 1840 census Allen and his wife appear to have six children.


In the 1850 Census names of all the household are shown for the first time, but by this time Allen’s first wife (presumably named Louisa is missing. Instead there is an apparent second wife Priscilla (sometimes Drucilla). Childbirth deaths of the mother were fairly common in those years, so one could guess that Louisa died about 1842 at approximately age 30, maybe in the birth of their seventh child Susan who survive. Of course no confirmation exists.


Allen seems to have remarried in the 1840 to 1850 decade, his wife Priscilla showing as 20 in 1850 and 28 in the 1860 census. It was not unusual to understate a bride’s youth. She is apparently the mother of Allen’s eight child John, shown as six months old at the 1850 census time. But he aged to 14 for the 1860 census, indicating some apparent incompetence. Maybe it was the error of the census marshall or maybe Priscilla, who was shown in the 1860 census as unable to read and write. She is listed as born in North Carolina, the border of which is just a few miles away.


Census and other sources point to Allen being a farmer and a cattleman. A letter (Doris and John Hightower Rt 2 Box 240 Clyde, NC dated March 11, 1986 to Judy Hughes reports that Allen ran a ferry across the river (maybe the Nolichucky or French Broad). Records of Mary Nan Hightower Davis, Liberty, TX of an 1839 Tax list of Cocke County, TN show Allen Hightower, zero acres of land, zero town lots.


The ending of this Allen Hightower story gets even more obscure. In the 1870 Census, Allen and Priscilla are not found. Of the large family of 1860, only Allen’s daughter Jane, Age 28 and apparently unmarried is found in the same county. A John Hightower in Tipton County, TN, may be Allen and Priscilla’s first child, as he was listed as 25 in 1870, which will relate correctly to age 14 in the 1860 census. Where the rest of this 1860 family went by 1870 is a matter for study. No cemetery records in Cocke County show Allen, Louisa, or Priscilla.


Thomas J. Hightower, Allen’s oldest Child, had moved to Georgia in 1847 or 1848. W. A. Walker, a 1950’s researcher on the Hightower family, found that William, Allen’s second child lived in Tennessee, and that John, a half-brother of T.J. and William, moved to Spartanburg, SC. Mr. Walker’s work (died 1961) work is in the Georgia Department of Archives and History, Atlanta, and not photo-copyable.

Allen and Louisa J. Hightower’s children appear to be:

                1. Thomas Jefferson b. 10/29/1829

                2. William b.c. 1830-35

                3. Allen b.c. 1836

                4. son b.c.1837

                5. Angelina (dau.) b.c. 1838

                6. Margaret Jane or Jane b.c. 1840

The children of Allen and second wife Priscilla (or Drucilla)

                8. John b.c. 1846-50

                9. Nancy b.c. 1852

                10. Joseph N. b.c. 1853

                11. Harriett b.c. 1856

                12. James R. b.c. 1858 m. Mary Bell July 15, 1879, Cocke County, TN

                13. Annias b.c. 1859 m. Adaline Rogers June 14, 1879, Cocke county, TN

source of  James and Annias’ marriage were from the LDS Library Genealogical Index


Thomas Hightower (1765-1830)

The source of the following information on Thomas is from a report dated 1992

by Charles T. Hightower, Jr


The story of Thomas is confused by the presence of two or more Thomas Hightowers in South Carolina in 1790, both Revolutionary war patriots. The version that this writer (Charles T. Hightower, Jr.) accepts is given first, followed by some conflicting ideas of others. The ancestor Thomas Hightower (the father of Allen) was born in South Carolina, according to U.S. census records and the book Memoirs of Georgia. His birth date was 1760 -65, and some say his wife was Nancy Mason and others Martha _____. No proof is seen for either, so both or neither may be correct. (He may have married twice or more.)

The 1875 biography of Thomas Jefferson Hightower in Memoirs of Georgia states that his grandfather Thomas Hightower was a “gallant soldier in the American Revolution” and “ a native of South Carolina.” In support of this the DAR Patriot Index Vol. I shows a Thomas Hightower “private, S.C., b.c. 1755 d. after 1830” with wife Martha _____. (This book also shows a second Thomas Hightower who served in Virginia) The book Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution by Bobby Gilmer Moss shows Thomas Hightower who “served in the militia under Col. Roebuck after the fall of Charleston AA3594A, X3545.” A photocopy of pay voucher X3545 shows Thomas received Pounds 2/8/6&3/4 for his service. He is believed to be the ancestor sought here.


Charleston fell May 1780, and the book of 1897 Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina by Dr. J.B.O. Landrum states that in September 1780 General Williams’ “followers were reinforced by Capt. Benjamin Roebuck’s command from the region of present Spartanburg South Carolina. This command consisted of about thirty”. Thomas must have been one of these, as it will be shown later that he was the one who lived in Spartanburg County in the 1790 Census. These forces, says Landrum in the book, moved through Lincoln County, NC, then to Cherry Mountain, and probably participated in the major American victory at Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780.


The Patriot Land Survey (Index of Land Acquisitions, Parts of Old 96th District) by Alma Smith and Jean Smith Owens indicates Thomas Hightower with 117 Acres “on North Fork of Tyger River” listed in 1784-86 in Book A, p. 237 There are strong indications that this is a reference to ancestor Thomas and adds to the case that he lived there at that time.


As stated earlier, the first U. S. census of South Carolina in 1790 lists two Thomas Hightowers, one in Spartanburgh County and the other in adjacent Union County. The one in Union County has records of land purchase witnessed by John Osling. The evidence is very strong that this Union County Thomas is the other Thomas Hightower in the DAR Patriot Index, the one who was born in Amelia Co, VA, served in the Virginia militia and married Milly Arnold. This Union County Resident in 1790 named Thomas Hightower moved to Greene County Georgia where his grave is found and where his will shows his widow Milly’s name plus the name of some children. (An approved DAR application #.309235, dated 1938, erroneously shows Allen and Elisha Hightower as brothers and both as sons of the Thomas Hightower who served under Col. Roebuck. This is wrong, because Elisha was the son of the Thomas who served in Virginia, lived in Union County, SC and moved to Georgia) So, of the two Thomases in South Carolina in 1790 one concludes that the one living in Spartanburgh County was ancestor Thomas, the South Carolina patriot, as the Union Co. one was identified as the Virginia-born patriot. No relationship between these two is seen so far, but certainly one is probable.


The 1800 South Carolina census lists two Thomas Hightowers; both in Barnwell Co. and the 1810 and 1820 census also shows a Thomas. One unproven story is that ancestor Thomas moved to Virginia sometime after 1790 before moving to Cocke County , TN. A check of the Virginia census fails to support this, as the 1800 records were destroyed and the 1810 and 1820 census show no Thomas in Virginia. So all that seems certain is that by 1830 census time, ancestor Thomas and his son Allen were living in Cocke Co., TN probably close to each other. The original handwritten census records show these two households on consecutive lines. By 1840 the census fails to show Thomas or his unnamed wife, leading one to presume that they died in the decade preceding. He was then probably in his 70’s and she was maybe in her 60’s.


The primary concern in this pedigree study is satisfied in that this Thomas is clearly the father of Allen, but some discussion is needed on the siblings of Allen, since opinions differ. Ruth Rosencrans of Laguna Hills, California is descended from this Thomas and has concluded that Thomas married Nancy Mason and had nine children with Allen being next to the oldest, William Joseph Hightower who married Elizabeth Clevenger and was living in Tennessee in 1830, or had already moved to Ray Co. Missouri. This looks credible enough, but the story looks worse in the claims that Thomas served in the war of 1812 instead of the Revolution. This story goes further claiming that this Thomas Hightower’s father served in the Revolution and came from England. These latter claims, including the name of Nancy Mason are not documented, but are cited here to show the differences existing.


The book Precious Memories by Donna Eason c. 1989 shows the children of Thomas and Nancy Mason Hightower, based on the 1969 information from Ruth Rosencrans. They are:


                1. William Joseph b. 1808 (LDS IGI shows b. April 1807 Charleston, S.C.)

                2. Allen b.c. 1812

                3. Boz or Barksdale b.c. 1816

                4. Henry

                5. John

                6. Henrietta (a Henrietta Hightower married Elbert Delashmit 9/24/1849 Monroe                     County. TN - just S.E. of Cocke County. ref Early East TN Marriages Vol. II Brides by Bryon and              Barbara Sistler, Nashville, TN

                7. Harriett (a Harriett Hightower married Hugh Allison 8/14/1827 Greene County. TN - adjacent          N.E. of Cocke County. ref Early East TN Marriages Vol. II Brides by Bryon and Barbara Sistler, Nashville, TN

                8. Allie

                9. Susan (a Susan Hightower m. Elijah S. Harrell 5/18/27 Grainge Co. TN) This Susan married              Allen Clevenger b. 1808 TN d. 1859 - 10 Children - see Janet Ricke.


Much of the above story of William Joseph Hightower is from the biography of his son Elias in the 1893 book Portrait and Biographical Record (published by Chapman Bros. Chicago) under Ray County, Missouri, where Elias lived. From their side, it can be claimed that one grandson (Elias) is capable of writing about his grandfather (Thomas) as another one (T.J.H. Sr.). But this writer points out that T.J.H. Sr. was born and spent his childhood in Cocke County , Tennessee where his father Allen and his Grandfather Thomas are shown by census records to live together or near each other in 1830. There is no evidence that William Joseph and his son Elias lived near Thomas, his alleged grandfather. This weighs the truth in favor of T.J.H. Sr. who lived with his grandfather and the story in Memoirs of Georgia. T.J.H Sr. was alive and alert in 1895 when Memoirs of Georgia was published from information he surely provided.


To investigate further the story that Thomas Hightower served in the war of 1812 and the Battle of New Orleans (January 1815) as stated in the Ray County, Missouri publication, this writer (Charles T. Hightower, Jr.) corresponded with the National Archives and National Society U. S. Daughters of 1812. They found no Thomas Hightower in that war. However Ruth Hightower Smith (405N 18th St. Murray, KY. 42071) reported she copied from a microfilm at the National Archives in Washington this war of 1812 record:” Thomas Hightower (private) 2 Reg’t (Thomas’) Georgia Militia”. The father of William Joseph and Allen Hightower if born c. 1765, would have been 50 in 1815 the year of the Battle of New Orleans. Books on this battle show no Georgia Militia as being there. No indication exists that ancestor Thomas, Allen’s father, was even in Georgia to be in the militia. Hence, this writer (Charles T. Hightower, Jr.) finds no merit in the War of 1812 story. There were other Thomas Hightowers in Georgia who could have been in the militia in the War of 1812, but not likely in New Orleans in 1815 for that battle.