Blog: June 2010

June 1, 2010. Albert Pujols is the latest convert to the Cool Flo helmet, donning one for tonight's game. Now that he, Holliday and Molina are all wearing Cool Flo, it'll be interesting to see how quickly it spreads to the rest of the team... Aaron Miles is back with the team, wearing his familiar #12 and swinging his usual unfinished ash LS... With McGwire on paternity leave, assistant hitting coach Mike Aldrete has permission to be on the bench in uniform. But, instead of wearing his #61 jersey, he's wearing a red sweatshirt ala Mac. Debating whether I should add Aldrete to the official uniform number roster.

June 2, 2010. One of last season's Stars and Stripes caps is being auctioned on the team's Web site -- the cap Matt Holliday wore on 9/11 after the trade to St. Louis. And it's signed... Still waiting on the Civil Rights Game jerseys to be auctioned... If you're considering this Pujols jersey (which has been offered before), note the number on the front is 5 inches tall (per the LOA). It should be a shade less than 4 inches tall... The game Saturday vs. Milwaukee will be a jersey-off-the-back affair. I checked today -- only SRO tix are available.

June 4, 2010. Nothing new in tonight's game.

June 5, 2010. Randy Winn joined the Cards today and is wearing #44. Guess that means Jason Isringhausen's old number is no longer on the "untouchable" list... Winn used a black LS M9... Skip Schumaker was swinging a flame-finished LS ash bat. Don't often see Skip using LS... Adam Ottavino also used a flame-finished LS ash.

June 6, 2010. Aaron Miles typically uses a natural ash LS, but tonight he was swinging a LS M9 with a Gwynn finish... A young boy was struck by Albert Pujols' line drive home run during the game, but the fan two seats to his right ended up with the ball. When Pujols was in the clubhouse after the homer, he saw ESPN's cameras on the crying child. Shortly after that, the boy was spotted in the stands with a signed Pujols bat. Details here.

June 7, 2010. Both Pujols and Holliday are wearing new Cool Flo road helmets... Schumaker used a Gwynn-finished LS ash bat tonight, and I could see his name on the barrel... Both Hawksworth and Walters used natural ash LS bats.

June 8, 2010. Randy Winn is using a natural ash LS bat... Carpenter is back to using a black Marucci... Raffle tickets for the team's Jackie Robinson Day jerseys are now available at St. Louis-area Mobil on the Run locations. I'll share more details once I get my ticket.

June 9, 2010. In his Wednesday Web chat, Post-Dispatch writer Joe Strauss was asked why McGwire doesn't wear his #25 jersey during games. "McGwire said there is no reason other than comfort and convenience," Strauss wrote. "I asked if wearing a pullover allowed him greater anonymity to avoid knucklehead taunts. He responded that's not the reason. 'I find I'm still pretty easily recognized,' McGwire quipped." Interestingly, Mac was in full uniform tonight.

June 11, 2010. McGwire was back in full uniform tonight; here's proof... Here's a good shot of Pujols in his road Cool Flo helmet... A new batch of game-used spring training jerseys are now available on the team's Web site. Players available include Holliday, Ludwick, Carpenter, Wainwright, Freese, Schumaker and manager Tony LaRussa.

June 12, 2010. Aaron Miles was swinging a black LS M9... I guess it's time for another rant about the poor quality of the Cool Base jerseys. I understand the players love them. But, why can't Majestic find a way to make the plackets stiffer? Once again, the plackets are curling back significantly, exposing the back of the logo embroidery. Looks really bush league, don't you agree?

June 13, 2010. Pujols had his bat sawed off in his hands in the first inning, so he used a natural Marucci for his next two plate appearances. After going back to the Gwynn finish and breaking another bat, he used the natural Marucci for his last AB. Of course, I can't find photos of the natural bat. The three plate appearances with the natural bat mark the first time since April 21, 2009, that Pujols used something other than a Gwynn-finished Marucci.

June 14, 2010. Spotted Jeff Suppan in the dugout wearing his familiar #37. How convenient that number was unassigned, huh? Just like Aaron Miles and #12... Pujols is using his Gwynn-finished Marucci again... After a long stretch of using Marucci, Holliday is swinging a Sam Bat... Adam Wainwright has switched from ash to maple. He's using a black LS M9 tonight... McGwire is wearing his home white #25 in the dugout.

June 15, 2010. David Freese was using a black Rawlings bat tonight, a new brand for him... Suppan swung a flame-finished ash LS and, as expected, was wearing #37. The uniform number database has been updated... Here's photo proof of Mac wearing his home white #25.

June 16, 2010. Noticed that two more guys are wearing the Cool Flo helmets -- base coaches Jose Oquendo and Dave McKay. They don flapless versions both at home and on the road... Two cool videos on this site featuring Albert Pujols at home. The "Behind-the-Scenes" segment is particularly interesting because Albert gives a tour of his personal trophy case. Also note the jerseys and caps on the walls -- especially the 2001 All-Star Game jersey near the end.

June 18, 2010. Molina was using a black Marucci tonight... Remember, if a Pujols LS bat has "Genuine" only above his name on the barrel, and no model number, it's a souvenir bat, not a gamer. Here's an example.

June 19, 2010. Holliday broke both a black Sam Bat and a natural Sam Bat in his first plate appearance... Was at the game tonight and saw the Authentics Store selling road knit blanks with professional 0062 tagging in multiple sizes for $125 each (they have boxes of them). Apparently, something was wrong with the jerseys and the team decided to not use them. Problem is, they look fine and the store is doing nothing to fraud-proof them (like cutting out the laundry tag). The good news is, no year flags. So, if you start seeing a bunch of superstar road jerseys hitting the market, you'll know why.

June 20, 2010. Happy Father's Day. As has become commonplace, the players wore light blue ribbons on their jerseys today, and a few wore blue wristbands. Others did not... Otherwise, nothing new or out of the ordinary today.

June 22, 2010. Randy Winn used a black ash LS.

June 23, 2010. Nothing new.

June 24, 2010. David Freese used a black LS M9.

June 25, 2010. Nothing new.

June 26, 2010. Brendan Ryan used a black ash LS.

June 27, 2010. Yadier Molina used a natural Sam Bat.

June 28, 2010. Matt Holliday used the black LS M9.

June 29, 2010. Adam Ottavino used a black ash LS.

June 30, 2010. Jason LaRue and Jeff Suppan are both using LS ash bats with deep flame finishes on the barrel. Wonder if they're from the same order... Mitchell Boggs swung a natural LS ash bat.