Blog: October 2012

October 2, 2012. The nickname bat collection is sold. Thanks to those of you who contacted me about it... Haven't posted in a few days, but there simply hasn't been anything new to report in terms of bat use... I generally avoid commenting about game-used bat and jersey cards because I despise the concept of chopping up memorabilia. But, it's worth noting -- if you weren't aware already -- that at least one supplier to the card companies admits selling fake items to them. And, he says the card companies knew his items were fakes. So, when you see cards like this, do your homework before bidding (no way that's legit; the navy border is too inconsistent). I compared this Pujols card to a legit 2009 jersey and patches and noted clear differences. It's a shame someone will spend good money on that card... The Cards clinched a wild card spot tonight. They'll play a winner-take-all game in Atlanta on 10/5.

October 3, 2012. Having clinched a post-season berth, the Cards put a team on the field that would be right at home at Auto Zone Park in Memphis. Interesting that every starter came up through the Cardinals organization... Shelby Miller used a Marucci with a natural barrel and black handle... Bryan Anderson used a natural ash LS... Ryan Jackson used a black LS M9... If tonight's the last time we see you on the field, Lance, thank you for your time in St. Louis (especially that hit in game 6).

October 5, 2012. Only two minor uniform notes from today's Wild Card game vs. Atlanta: The Cards had a post-season logo affixed to the left side of their navy road caps; and the batting helmets had a post-season logo decal below the uniform number on the back... I noticed when the team was walking from the dugout to the clubhouse after the game, workers were collecting players' cleats and caps and putting them in a bin. I'm assuming this was done to protect them from ruin, the result of champagne. Uniforms can be washed, but soggy cleats and caps are a lost cause.

October 7, 2012. The Cards wore their Sunday alternate caps for the opening game of the NLDS vs. Washington. Like the caps in the Wild Card game, a post-season logo was affixed above the left ear. Post-season logos also were present on the red batting helmets.

October 8, 2012. Three post-season games, three different caps as the Cards wore their traditional red home hats today. The post-season logo was attached to the left side... Schumaker became the first Redbird to switch bats during the post season. After using a Gwynn Marucci in game one of the NLDS, he swung a black handle/natural barrel LS M9 today.

October 10, 2012. Got a good look at Chris Carpenter's bat; it's an Allen Craig model... The baseball being used in the NLDS has silver/gray ink and the same post-season logo being used on caps and helmets and painted on fields... Again, I don't say much about memorabilia cards, but a reader sent me a link to this eBay auction. To my knowledge, Pujols wore a Cool Base jersey for the Cardinals one time -- during a home, jersey-off-the-back game. The jersey on the card is a road Cool Base.

October 12, 2012. In the 9th inning, Jason Motte stepped to the plate for the first time in 2012. He swung a natural LS M9... Congratulations to the Cards for winning the NLDS in such amazing fashion. Good luck against the Giants.

October 14, 2012. I was amused recently to be offered the same jersey by two different sellers. The tale starts on 9/20, when some lucky winner received a free Yadier Molina jersey (a TBTC shirt worn 8/26/11) through a Facebook contest held by Papa John's. The winner listed the jersey on eBay on 9/26; it sold in 12 minutes for $575. The buyer (owner number two) contacted me on 10/1 to discuss its value. I offered an opinion based on another 2011 TBTC Molina jersey that sold on for $641. I made an offer for the jersey, but could not acquire it. The seller listed it on his website a few days later for $1,750. Then on 10/6, I was contacted by another person who offered the Molina jersey to me. Knowing he couldn't possibly have it in his possession, I contacted owner number two to do my due diligence. He confirmed not only selling the jersey to eventual owner number three (at a discounted price), but also that he had yet to even ship the jersey. Now, the jersey is again on eBay, this time being offered by owner number three for $2,500. I know memorabilia routinely gets passed among collectors and flipped for a profit, but I thought this was a particularly interesting case of a jersey moving around quickly and inflating in price rapidly.

October 15, 2012. Remember Albert Pujols? Of course you do. You used to want one of his game-used bats or jerseys, right? Some people still do, just not as many, apparently. Case in point: this 2012 game-used bat that just sold on eBay for less than $2,000. Six months ago, those bats were fetching $3,000... One of the most forged jerseys in the hobby is the 2002 road Pujols. Another one is available in this Heritage auction. This one is easy to rule out without a close examination of the memorial patches (which appear to be retail) because of the athletic cut and the excess name plate material... Heritage also has an early Pujols bat that likely was used by Tino Martinez, based on the pine tar pattern and Tino's known history of using Albert's R205 bats.

October 17, 2012. Word got out yesterday that Ozzie Smith is selling a vast amount of personal memorabilia, including his Gold Glove awards and All-Star Game rings. I'm disappointed that Ozzie is selling his 2004, 2006 and 2011 World Series rings -- those were gifts from the organization, and expensive ones at that. Could be awkward if there's a 2012 ring ceremony next April... Holliday went back to a black LS M9 today, switching from the Old Hickory he used almost exclusively the last half of the season.

October 18, 2012. The team is auctioning nine pregame jerseys this weekend. Players and coaches represented include Molina, Holliday, Chris Carpenter, Beltran and McGwire. Bases from the NLDS also are on the auction block at, as well as a baseball that was hit by Bryce Harper for a double in game two.

October 19, 2012. It's mid October, which means it's time again for the annual "World Series bats being made at the Louisville Slugger factory" video. Unfortunately, they won't be making Cardinals bats tomorrow.

October 21, 2012. Freese used a black Marucci his last AB... The double hit by Bryce Harper attracted a top bid of $1,485 in the auction that ended tonight. Three bases from the NLDS sold from $420 to $491. Of the Cardinals pregame jerseys that were available Holliday's shirt was tops at $435. Molina ($422) and Beltran ($420) were close behind. The lowest priced jersey was Furcal's at $180.

October 22, 2012. If you saw this Flood bat on eBay and thought about bidding, know that Flood ordered the W222 almost exclusively after 1961 (with a few P72 models thrown in). His only order of K48 bats was placed in 1959. That almost certainly means this late '60s bat is an index bat... This Musial All-Star bat looks like the real deal, but I'm really curious why there's no model number stamped into the knob. Every Musial Adirondack ASG bat I've seen has 15B stamped into the knob (the team HOF/museum has several), and every 1960 ASG bat I've seen belonging to other players also had model numbers in the knob. Very strange.