Blog: August 2013

August 1, 2013. Adron Chambers is back in the bigs, again wearing #56. He swung a new label, black LS contract-model bat... Kozma swung a natural Sam Bat.

August 2, 2013. Kevin Siegrist took his first swings tonight. Like other relievers who probably don't have their own lumber, he appeared to be using Shelby Miller's Tucci Lumber bat.

August 3, 2013. I went to the National Sports Collectors Convention in surburban Chicago yesterday. Not the place to find a bargain. It's like a museum where, if you're really rich, you can buy the exhibits. I did see a couple jerseys to be on the lookout for. Mile High Cards is having an auction in October, and included in the lots (and on display at the show) were an '82 Ozzie Smith jersey and a '79 Lou Brock shirt. I'm 100 percent certain the Ozzie is bogus, about 80 percent sure the Brock is. I showed them the problems, but they just put the jerseys back in the case. I can't wait to see if they make it to the auction block or whether my short tutorial had any influence.

August 4, 2013. This Jim Edmonds bat looks pretty good until you realize the tape spiral runs in the wrong direction, is wound too tightly and has a build up near the knob. Here's what a good Edmonds bat and tape job look like. Beware.

August 5, 2013. This is a good looking Matt Holliday bat, except according to my notes, he didn't use an LS with the Gwynn finish in 2009 or 2010. So, I'm guessing it was used for BP for by another player... Cruz started using a new-label black LS bat.

August 6, 2013. Matt Carpenter's Marucci bats are now sporting a red center brand logo... Good catch by reader John Barnett, who found a photo on Getty Image's website (image #89968888) of Matt Holliday during BP holding a bat that looks very much like the one on eBay I wrote about yesterday.

August 8, 2013. Sam Freeman made his 2013 debut wearing #71. He's the first Redbird to wear that number since 1924. Last year, he was #61. Very unusual for a player to wear a higher number in his second season... Carlos Martinez took his first swings using Tony Cruz's natural LS ash bat... Maness appeared to be using Wainwright's bat... If you have any interest in the Cardinals logo (of course you do), you need to read this article that ran today on Uni Watch.

August 10, 2013. Michael Wacha was using a natural ash LS bat, a change from the Tucci Lumber bat he used during his first call up.

August 11, 2013. Joe Kelly was swinging a Tucci Lumber bat. I'm guessing it was one of Shelby Miller's models.

August 13, 2013. Jermaine Curtis was recalled tonight. He's still swinging Viper bats, but tonight's lumber looked black; earlier this season, his bats looked dark brown with a black band.

August 15, 2013. Thought it was interesting that six of the eight starting position players were using Marucci bats tonight -- and Beltran, normally a Marucci user, wasn't in the lineup. Ironically, when he pinch hit later, Carlos used a Louisville Slugger. The Cardinals are very much a Marucci team at this point. Only Holliday (Old Hickory), Craig (Rawlings), Kozma (Sam Bat) and Robinson (LS) seem to consistently prefer other brands.

August 16, 2013. Kolten Wong made his MLB debut tonight wearing #16. Rookies normally get high numbers, but I have a feeling #16 has been saved for Wong since nobody else wore it this season. Wong swung a Chandler bat, which seemingly was his bat of choice throughout his minor league career. The bat had a black barrel, brownish handle and gold logo.

August 17, 2013. So, I mention that Robinson is a consist user of LS bats, and what does he do? He pulls out a natural Marucci bat as a pinch hitter today. Add Suga Shane to the Marucci column.

August 18, 2013. Three nights ago, Vintage Authentics auctioned off a 1983 road Ozzie Smith jersey. I'm not a fan of the jersey; I think the navy border on the numbers is too wide (measurements bear this out), and I don't like the spacing nor the arc of the name on back. I traded several cordial emails with Steve Jensen of VA, who acknowledge my concerns, but let the jersey run its course.

August 22, 2013. Joe Kelly was swinging a black LS with the new logo.

August 26, 2013. Tyler Lyons used a black LS bat tonight. Could be his own model. When he batted in May, I'm pretty sure he was using Shelby Miller's bat... Kolten Wong used a different bat tonight -- still a Chandler, but this one had a cherry barrel and natural handle. On the bat tracking chart, I'll call it a Walker finish, even though that's not entirely accurate.

August 28, 2013. Michael Wacha not only was using one of Adam Wainwright's natural ash LS bats, but he also was wearing Adam's batting helmet. His second time up, though, he appeared to be using Wong's bat as he did earlier this season... Freese appeared to be swinging a Gwynn-finished Tucci Lumber bat... Sorry for the sporadic updates. Real work and deadlines have made it difficult to keep up. However, I have been watching the documenting the games, sometimes watching five at a time on the DVR. Truth is, there hasn't been much variety in bat use, and the team has used so many rookies that recent call ups already have played this season. It will be a real surprise if a new guy shows up when rosters expand on 9/1.

August 31, 2013. John Axford made his Cardinals debut tonight wearing Marc Rzepczynski's old #34. And here I thought I'd never have to type Rzepcz -- never mind.