Blog: May 2014

May 3, 2014. I have a backlog of games on the DVR, so I'll catch up on posts asap. But, I just wanted to note that the Cubs and Cards will play a throwback game tomorrow, wearing uniforms "inspired by" the teams' 1929 unis. I'm sure the Cardinals were consulted, but in the end, I'd bet the Cubs had final say on the design (and how much they'd spend on them). Add that to the words "inspired by" in the Cubs' press release and I'm not optimistic that the jerseys or caps will be close to accurate. Here's what a 1929 road jersey should look like.

May 4, 2014. The Cards and Cubs played a TBTC game tonight with uniforms inspired those worn by the teams in 1929. In a vacuum, the Cardinals uniforms were not bad -- nice trim, nice crest, cool caps and striped socks we actually could see. However, if accuracy is your yardstick, these uniforms were a letdown. To begin, 1929 road uniforms had pinstripes, and the trim did not extend down the placket, instead stopping above the crest. While Majestic did a decent job of duplicating the unusual birds embroidered by manufacturer Sainz in 1929, they forgot to outline the letters in white, which was a defining feature of the crest during this era. Obviously, unfortunate concessions to the present were made -- uniform numbers and logos from MLB and Majestic. The pinstripes also were missing from the caps. And the socks should have been gray, not white. All in all, the jerseys were decent if you didn't have a clue about 1929 road uniforms. But, if you're a detail nazi obsessed with historical accuracy, you probably weren't impressed.

May 9, 2014. After a few nights of nothing new to report, one variation tonight -- Ellis was swinging one of Descalso's Nnywg-finished Marucci bats.

May 10, 2014. Joey Butler made his Cardinals debut tonight wearing #56. My DVR didn't record as it was scheduled to, so I didn't catch Butler's bat. I know he favored a black LS in spring training.

May 11, 2014. It is Mother's Day, which typically means pink bats galore. However, only Peter Bourjos used one, as a pinch hitter in the 8th inning (he got a single). Does that mean everyone else on the Cardinals hates moms? And boobs (breast cancer awareness, remember)? Or just didn't get pink bats sent to them? In fairness, there were plenty of pink batting gloves, wrist bands, compression sleeves, necklaces, cleats and/or shoestrings, and other equipment. There also was the annual pink ribbon decal on the chest. It's just a bit disappointing more Redbirds didn't swing pink lumber.

May 13, 2014. Holliday was swinging a Gwynn-finished Marucci during his first two ABs today. It appeared to be someone's signature model, but I couldn't tell whose. He returned to his charcoal Old Hickory during the game... Butler definitely is using a black LS... Sam Freeman made his 2014 debut wearing last year's #71.

May 16, 2014. First Holliday swapped the model he'd been using all season, now Molina has. Actually, it's the same Marucci bat, but with a Gwynn finish. It's the first time since 2011 Yadi used something other than a Nnwyg-finished Marucci.

May 18, 2014. Jaime Garcia pitched for the first time in 2014, still wearing #54, still swinging a Nnwyg-finished Marucci bat.

May 20, 2014. Holliday used a natural Sam Bat during his first two plate appearances. It was his model... Adams was swinging a Max Bat. Like the other four brands he's used this season, it had the Nnwyg finish.

May 21, 2014. Jason Motte made his 2014 debut wearing his #30.

May 22, 2014. Mark Ellis was using another of Descalso's bats, this one a black Marucci.

May 23, 2014. Shelby Miller was swinging a black Marucci. That's the third different brand he's used already in 2014.

May 24, 2014. Jaime Garcia switched to a black Marucci bat for his second start of the year.

May 26, 2014. The Cards, like all MLB teams, wore jerseys and caps today with camo accents for Memorial Day. Not sure why anyone thinks this is a good look, or how it honors those who died in war, but the marketing people seem to like it. At least camo looks better on white jerseys than on gray ones... Wacha swung a Nnwyg-finished Marucci.

May 28, 2014. Holliday used a black Sam bat.

May 31, 2014. Oscar Taveras made his MLB debut today, homering in his second plate appearance. He is wearing #18 and swinging a natural Chandler bat with a gold or silver logo.