Blog: October 2014

October 3, 2014. I didn't post down the stretch, one because I was busy, and two because I didn't notice anything new. The same can be said for NLDS Game 1 -- other than the postseason patches on the jerseys and caps, nobody used a bat out of the ordinary. To see what bats everyone uses in the postseason, go to the bat use tracker.

October 6, 2014. Noticed that Molina was swinging a Jon Jay model bat during Game 3. He broke it during the second inning, but was using another Jay bat later in the game... Interestingly, Jay was using a Molina bat.

October 11, 2014. Again, not much note during NLCS game one. The players wore the same postseason patches and used their typical bats.

October 16, 2014. Well, another season comes to a close. Circumstances kept me from posting as often as I'd like this year, but I did eventually watch every game on the DVR and documented all of the memorabilia-related items I could see. There are a few large auctions on the horizon, so I plan to address some of the many Cardinals items that will be available. Stay tuned.

October 26, 2014. Crushing news tonight regarding the death of Oscar Taveras. It's interesting that just a few days ago, my buddy Jason was with Oscar as he signed and sold most of his 2014 game-used equipment to a Florida dealer. Seeing the photo of Jason and Oscar smiling -- surrounded by bats, cleats, caps, jerseys, batting gloves and more -- makes the thought of Oscar being gone seem surreal. We will never know what might have been. RIP, 18.