Until 1943, players ordered bats modeled after those of other players, along with the length and weight specifications they wanted. To simplify the ordering process, Hillerich and Bradsby began the practice of assigning model numbers. These numbers were stamped into the bat's knob until 1976, when they were moved to the barrel above the player's name. Today, most bat companies have model numbers stamped in the knob or printed on the barrel.

Knowing which models and specifications are ordered and used by individual players is key to authenticating game use. On this site, you can find model and spec information for many Cardinals Hall of Famers, past stars and contemporary players.

This information has been collected from a variety of sources, including: Bats, Professional Hillerich & Bradsby and Adirondack, 1950-1994 by Malta, Fox, Riddel and Specht; MastroNet Reference and Price Guide for Collecting Game-Used Bats by Bushing and Knoll; Hillerich & Bradsby shipping records; and the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum.

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