Memorabilia brokering. If you want to buy sports memorabilia but are concerned about authenticity, Birdbats can help you find legitimate items from reputable dealers and auction houses. Or, if you want to sell some of your collection but don't know the first thing about eBay, let Birdbats market your items for you. Our eBay feedback rating is flawless. Birdbats' fee is 10% of the purchase/sale price plus the actual expense of acquisition (hammer fees, shipping, etc.) or sale (listing fees, postage, etc.).

Experienced opinion. Wondering if that bat in the closet is the real deal, or whether that Cardinals bat on eBay is authentic? Birdbats can offer an opinion. I won't be able to state conclusively whether a bat is legitimate based on photos alone, but I can point out what characteristics are and are not consistent with actual gamers.

Insurance appraisals. If you have a collection of game-used bats that isn't insured, you're investment is at risk. Not sure what your collection is worth? If you live in the St. Louis area, Birdbats can give you a written appraisal -- based on price guides, auction results and retail prices -- you can use to establish an insured value.

Database inventory. Would you like to have detailed information about your collection consolidated into one easy-to-use database? If you're in the St. Louis area, Birdbats can create one for you on disk using Microsoft Works, complete with photos -- just $3 per item/entry. For an extra $1 per item, I can include an estimated value. If you'd rather create your own database, I can send you my Microsoft Works templates -- $10 for bats, $10 for jerseys or $15 for both.