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August 31, 2014. I've started work on a new project, trying to capture as much information as possible about every 1998 Mark McGwire bat that's known to exist in the collector's market. I already have catalogued more than 50 bats that have been offered at auction or are owned in private collections. For the record, most of those are sketchy; very few possess the legit characteristics one would expect to see on a Mac gamer. If you have a 1998 McGwire bat, please contact me. I'd love to see photos and get your bat's specs for my database/project... Pete Kozma is back with a different bat -- a Gwynn-finished Sam Bat.

August 30, 2014. Matt Adams had used six different brands before tonight's second game of the double-header, but all had the same Nnywg finish. Perhaps in search of a slump buster, he tried something new -- Shelby Miller's black Tucci Lumber bat... Tyler Lyons swung a natural Old Hickory.

August 25, 2014. Lackey was swinging his third different bat during his short time in St. Louis, a black Marucci.

August 23, 2014. Shane Robinson used something other than a natural Marucci bat -- same brand, but black.

August 22, 2014. While it's not a new model or finish, I did note tonight that the flame finish on the barrel of Wainwright's bat was so dark, it almost looked brown.

August 20, 2014. A.J. Pierzynski and Greg Garcia have swapped numbers. A.J. is now wearing #12 while Garcia dons #35... Speaking of number swaps, we now know what John Lackey gave Pat Neshek as "compensation" for giving up his #41 -- a Babe Ruth signed baseball.

August 18, 2014. Taveras has added a Nnywg-finished Marucci to his arsenal.

August 14, 2014. Lackey was swinging a black Louisville Slugger.

August 11, 2014. Taveras now has his own model of Marucci bat; his name on the barrel is as visible on television as Seth Maness' name was last night.

August 10, 2014. Taveras is still using a Seth Maness model Marucci bat, so he must have really liked the one be broke a week ago and grabbed another.

August 3, 2014. John Lackey debuted today wearing #41. He swung a natural Louisville Slugger with a flame finish and gray handle grip (which may have started black and has worn)... Taveras broke the Maness bat he's been using into two pieces... I noticed Pierzynski's bat today didn't have the white handle tape; if he used the red tar, it wasn't as visible.

August 2, 2014. Justin Masterson is, indeed, wearing his favorite number #63. So, if Audry Perez comes back in September, he'll have new digits... We also learned today that John Lackey will get his old #41. Pat Neshek dropped down to #37, forcing coach Chris Maloney to find a new number. He adopted #77, the number he wore in September 2007 when he helped coach the Redbirds after Memphis' season ended (Maloney was the AAA team's manager then). Both Neshek and Maloney appeared with their new numbers today... Masterson swung a natural Marucci bat... For the first time this season, Kolten Wong has changed bats. He's still using Chandler with the cherry-brown finish, but now he has a natural handle. In the bat use list, I will record this as a Walker finish.


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