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April 17, 2014. With Kelly on the DL and Butler sent to Memphis, the Cards called up Eric Fornataro and Jorge Rondon. Fornataro is wearing #67, Rondon #68... Adams has switched lumber again, opting for a Nnwyg-finished Chandler bat... Wong was wearing REAL stirrups with gray sanitary socks.

April 16, 2014. Voting for the two newest members of the Cardinals Hall of Fame ends on 4/22. At last check, Willie McGee and Jim Edmonds were leading the pack. I can't argue against either player; both are deserving of their own plaques. But, Ted Simmons is the only player on the ballot that actually deserves to be enshrined in Cooperstown -- let alone Ballpark Village. Just a few days are remaining, so get online and vote for Simba!... I didn't catch it, but have been told Adams swung an Axis bat during one plate appearance today.

April 15, 2014. Mark Ellis made his Cardinals debut wearing Jackie Robinson's #42. We'll have to wait at least another day to see Carlos Beltran's former #3 return to the field... Ellis swung a natural Rawlings bat... The uniform number database is updated to reflect everyone who played in tonight's game.

April 14, 2014. Peralta switched to a Nnwyg-finished Axis bat tonight and promptly homered on the first pitch he saw... I'm not sure what to call this, but it's definitely not an Ozzie Smith game-used BP jersey... If you're considering this Lance Berkman bat, remember that he used maple (M9) bats for BP and ash bats during games. That explains the heavy use... Tomorrow is Jackie Robinson day, so expect to see everyone wearing #42 with no names on the back.

April 13, 2014. Wacha made his third start and used his third different bat. This one was a natural Marucci, and based on the initials on the knob, I wonder if it was made for Shelby Miller, Seth Maness, Scott McGregor or Scott Moore. I tend to rule out Miller and Maness because their bats likely would have uniform numbers stamped into the knobs. McGregor and Moore, on the other hand, likely would have initials because they play at Memphis.

April 11, 2014. Rosenthal had his first plate appearance of the season, a move that baffled many fans who wondered why the closer was batting with the winning run in scoring position in the bottom of the tenth inning. It's not my place to question strategy; I'll simply report he swung a Nnwyg-finished Marucci that appeared to have his name on the barrel.

April 8, 2014. Players received their 2013 National League championship rings prior to today's game. The front features the interlocking STL logo in rubies, similar to the 2006 rings. On the left side is a depiction of the N.L. championship (Giles) trophy with the team's 97 wins and 19th N.L. pennant noted. The right side has each player's name with an embossed version of his Saturday alternate jersey. There's also a nod to Stan the Man inside; the patch worn by the team in 2013 is etched inside the ring. Overall, it's a conservative design, which is welcome in a sports world that tilts toward gaudy and even tacky.

April 7, 2014. Today was opening day at Busch and the grand opening of the new Hall of Fame and Museum. I haven't had many baseball-related thrills that can compare to touring the museum with Gibby, Lou, Red, Ozzie, Whitey and Tony wearing their red blazers. It was quite a day. Here is a video recap of the museum's dedication ceremony; a certain blogger gets a shout out at the 2:07 mark... Wacha was swinging a natural Old Hickory bat today.

April 6, 2014. The Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum opens tomorrow. Here's a sneak peek.

April 5, 2014. Kelly swung a flame-finished LS, while Bourjos switched back to his LS... On Monday at 10 a.m., the Cardinals will host an invitation-only ceremony to formally dedicate the new Cardinals Hall of Fame presented by Edward Jones and the team’s new Cardinals Museum within Cardinals Nation at Ballpark Village. While the ceremony is not open to the general public due to a lack of space, the team will live-stream the ceremony on and broadcast the ceremony on the 40 ft. television in FOX Sports Midwest Live! in Ballpark Village. Hope you're able to watch.

April 4, 2014. The red caps and batting helmets made their road debut tonight in Pittsburgh... Descalso used Marucci again, but this bat was Nnwyg-finished... Cruz use the same model for his first AB... Kozma used his typical black Sam Bat... Miller's bat was a natural LS with a flame finish... After Kelly throws his first pitch tomorrow, everyone on the 25-man roster will have made an official appearance in 2014... I'm keeping track of bat usage here. The standing link to that page -- as well as bat use in past seasons -- can be found by clicking the Notes and Articles tab.

April 3, 2014. Jay debuted using a natural Marucci bat... Descalso also used Marucci, a black one... Adams went back to his Marucci bat, with spectacular results... Lynn swung a black LS.

April 2, 2014. Bourjos changed to a black Marucci bat... Wacha swung a black bat, but I couldn't determine the manufacturer... Adams used a Nnwyg-finished Rawlings bat... Robinson made his first plate appearance swinging a natural Marucci.

March 31, 2014. That's a winner on opening day! There was one number change -- Carlos Martinez has swapped his #62 for #44... Except for the new guys, there is nothing new in terms of bat use. Marucci was swung by Adams (Nnywg), Carpenter (Gwynn), Molina (Nnywg with a cherry handle), Peralta (black) and Robinson (natural). Holliday used his charcoal Old Hickory, while Craig used his standard Gwynn-finished Rawlings. Wong wielded a dark brown Chandler. Newcomer Bourjos swung a black LS while Wainwright used a natural LS with flame-burned finish... The team wore navy caps since they were playing in Cincinnati. Look for the red caps to surface in Pittsburgh.


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