Blueline Software is pleased to announce the availability of THE HOCKEY STATISTICIAN version 1.8, a specialized computer program that collects and analyzes hockey game statistics. THE HOCKEY STATISTICIAN, the first computer program of its kind for hockey, was introduced in the fall of 1985. Since it's introduction it has been used successfully by teams in the NHL and Division I college hockey. THE HOCKEY STATISTICIAN is designed to be a coaching aid. What makes it such a useful tool for teams is it's ability to generate reports between the periods of a game, and provide for year-to-date statistics. Use of THE HOCKEY STATISTICIAN will also reduce the time and people needed to track game statistics. Statistics collected by THE HOCKEY STATISTICIAN are:

Home and Guest Ice time by team strength

Home and Guest Shift counts by team strength

Line matchups

Plus/minus by team strength

Home and guest faceoff results by zone

Home and guest faceoff matchups

Offsides forced and unforced

Hits by zone

Turnovers by zone

Shot results home and guest by area within zone

Quality shot results home and guest by area within zone

Saves home and guest by area within zone

Goals home and guest by team strength, area within zone, and net location

Home and guest scoring

Home and guest goaltending

Home and guest penalties

Game statistics are collected by using a pointing device such as a light pen, a Microsoft compatible mouse, or the pen, on a pen based computer. To collect a statistic you simply touch the pen or position the mouse to the desired statistic.

The HOCKEY STATISTICIAN can be operated by one or two persons. When operated by one, that person is capable of collecting ice time, shift counts, plus/minus, faceoffs, and offsides statistics. When operated by two, hits, shots, turnovers, and other statistics can also be collected. The second person's job is to relay these statistics to the person operating the computer. 

Twenty Eight (28) reports, detail and summary, are available for selection. The reports can be viewed on the computer screen or printed out for use by the coaching staff, both during and after the game.

THE HOCKEY STATISTICIAN runs on the IBM PC, IBM PC/XT, IBM PC/AT and compatible computers.

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Demonstrations can be arranged. Please call or write if you have any questions.

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