Descendants of: James Allen and direct Ancestors of Bill N. Allen

1. James Allen  b. BEF 1600 SCOTLAND m. CIR 1640 SCOTLAND _____ Tucker Visited Jamestown about 1608, and then to have returned to Scotland and to have married Miss Tucker about 1640 and returned to Jamestown about 1643 with his wife. He was said to be a Physician and had only one child, Daniel Allen who married Rebecca Richardson. It is thought that Miss Tucker was the daughter of Daniel Tucker, who was a charter member of the Virginia Company. 1st. Immigrant in Jamestown in 1608.

2. Daniel Allen  b. CIR 1675/76 SCOTLAND d. AFT 1715 Hanover Co.-VA ? m. CIR 1698  VIRGINIA Rebecca    Richardson  b. CIR 1675 New Kent Co.-NC ? d. AFT 1715 Hanover Co.-VA Owned land and lived in New Kent Co.-VA

3.  James Allen  b. CIR 1699/00 New Kent Co.-VA d. 12-Nov-1771 Hanover Co.-VA m. 7-Dec-1721Hanover Co.-VA Ann Anderson  b. 17-Dec-1706 Albemarle Co.-VA d. AFT 4-Nov-1765 Hanover Co.-VA


James and Ann lived in Hanover Co.-VA where he was a church warden at St. Paul's. He was later one of a group that broke from the established church of England and formed the nucleus from which Rev. Samuel Davies and others were able to increase membership in the Presbyterian Church of Virginia. James and Ann apparently never moved, but his sons came into Cumberland County a number of years before the Revolutionary War and then prior to the Revolution moved to Prince Edward Co.-VA. It was during the 1750's and 60's probably. Many of these Allens were members of D. Archibald Alexander's congregations (Dr. Alexander was a famous Presbyterian preacher of this era. Two of James' sons, Charles and James, Sr., moved to Prince Edward County. Sons Benjamin, Daniel, and Richard lived in Cumberland County. [Taken from: History of The Allen Family of Prince Edward Co.-VA by Lorene A. Roberts 1990 - 9 pages]

Bible Records of James Allen (1699 - 1771) of Hanover Co.-VA from the papers of Mrs Phillips from a Bible owned by Mrs. Anne R. Sclater of Roanoke, VA.

[Taken from: Virginia Tidewater Genealogy - Published Quarterly Vol. 20 Number 2 - June 1969 "Information on an Allen Family of Virginia" by John L. Patterson. The conversion of James is referred to in the following passage about the Southside Virginia Allens' in "The Life of Archibald Alexander, D. D. (p.178):
 "They lived chiefly in Cumberland, but also in Prince Edward, and many of them were parishioners of Mr. Alexander. The root from which they all proceeded was (like various eminent persons in our memoir) a member of Mr. Davie's church in Hanover, and was converted, it is thought, under the missionary labors of Whitefield. Mr. Alexander heard from an eyewitness that while (sic)  Whitefield was preaching, Mr. Allen fell at full length, as suddenly as if shot through the heart, and lay the remainder of the evening as one dead"[ Taken from: "Cherry Grove" A Brief Account of the Life and Family of James Watson Womack (1787-1844) of Cherry Grove and his families ancestral background (Ancestors mentioned include Womacks, Allens, Anderson, Watsons, Chambers, Massies and Poindexters by Egbert Hudson Womack at Hampshire House - Bronxville, New York - August 29, 1959. Chapter VI "Allen, Anderson and Related Ancestors" page 23.]

Resided also, "Meadow Bridge" in Hanover Co.-VA

Warden at St. James Church in Hanover

Marriage Bonds and Ministers' Returns of Prince Edward County, Virginia 1774-1910.

Ann: Died between Apr. 25, 1765 and Nov. 4, 1775.

Also see advertisement of her Allen Ex'trs in the Virginia Gazette, 4-Nov-1775.

4. James Anderson Allen Sr.  b. 7-Jul-1724 Hanover Co.-VA d. -Oct-1793 Prince Edward Co.-VA m. CIR 1745    VIRGINIA Elizabeth Sims b. 28-Jul-1725 Hanover Co.-VA - St Peter's Parish d. 6-Dec-1788 Cumberland    Co.-VA Settled on the Briery River in Prince Edward Co.-VA.; An elder in Buffalo Church. He was certainly a member of the Cumberland Congregation at one time as were a number of his children.


     James Anderson Allen, Sr., was a faithful contributor on the pages of James Morton's account book up through 1792; after that he is no longer listed. James Allen, Sr., died in October 1793. Other members of the Cumberland Congregation were the John Mortons, John and Ann Nash, Elizabeth and Nathaniel Venable, the Woodsons, Womacks and Watsons - all of these are among those who moved into the Hampden-Sydney area in the mid- 1790's
     James Allen, Sr., was a member of the Prince Edward Committee which on June 19, 1775, adopted resolutions condemning the actions of the English Governor of the Colony, Lord Dunsmore, in removing the gun powder from Williamsburg, but James, Sr. still at this time, "avowed unfeigned attachment and loyalty to the English king, George III." James later served on a county Committee of Safety formed in November of 1775 which implemented local organization and cooperation in the war effort. Clearly he was no longer loyal to the King.
     James, Sr., was probably too old for active service in the Revolution, but he furnished supplies to the Continental Army. Many of his sons, brothers, nephews and sons-in-law were in the Virginia Militia in Prince Edward, Cumberland or Charlotte Counties. The James Allen Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Nottoway and Amelia Counties is named for James Allen, Sr., and is a tribute to his great efforts and contributions to this cause. The DAR "Patriot Index" gives the following information that shows the patriotic fervor of these early Allens': "The Allens of Prince Edward County were great patriots. James Allen, Sr. is called a patriot by virtue of the fact that he was on the Committee of Safety for Prince Edward County and that he supplied the Revolutionary forces from that area. In addition to this, the DAR Index list three of this sons and one son-in-law: I. James Allen, Sr. b. 7-7-1724; d. 1793; m. Elizabeth Sims PS VA. James Allen, Jr. b. CIR 1750; d. 11-28-1808; m. (1) Judith
    Watson,(2) Margaret Calhoun ENS, VA

B. John Allen b. 7-1-1757; d. 11-1-1816; m. Ann Sims SGT. VA

C. Charles Allen b. DIR 1752; d. 2-5-1814; m. Elizabeth Chambers
     MAJ. VA.

D. Archer Allen b. 4-6-1741; d. 1-26-1811; m. Elizabeth Allen
     (Daughter of James, Sr.) MAJ. VA The DAR Index also list 4 of James, Sr.'s brothers who served faithfully as well as their sons. II. Benjamen Allen b. 9-10-1748; d. 1-25-1808; m. (1) Elizabeth Austin (2) Martha Puryear 2nd LT. VA
III. Richard Allen b. 2-20-1738; d. 6-28-1844; m. Elizabeth Donaho CAPT. VA. IV. Daniel Allen b. 9-12-1728; d. 1807 m. (1) Anna Harrison (2) Johanna Reed Hill PVT. VA. V. Charles Allen b. 9-10-1748; d. 2-8-1816; M. Mary Venable COL. VA     In addition to his war efforts, James, Sr., worked to keep Hampden-Sydney College open during the War. He and four other men were named to draw plans and let contracts for the building of Hampden-Sydney College in 1775. He was elected a Trustee of the Academy and College. A note on John Blair Smith, first president of Hampden-Sydney College says "With Smith, men of great probity, high public estimation, and private worth, were associated with the seminary. These names include Venable, James Allen, Sr. and Morton."
     Dr. Archibald Alexander, in commenting on the Allen's has this to say: "James, the eldest, was on of the most venerable men I ever saw. When I came to the County, he was above seventy years and lived alone. He was more than six feet tall, slender, pale, of benignant countenance, with hair as white as snow. Most of his time was spent over a large family Bible, which lay open on a small table and which he often moistened with his tears." (A footnote says Dr. Alexander may have been mistaken about his age as James died at age 69 in October of 1793.
     Dr. Alexander also mentions an incident that shows that James, Sr., had a sense of humor and humility. "His Son James, Jr. before his conversion, was often irascible and in public brawls. He was of great muscular power. Son James came home one day in a rage, threatening to flog a man who called his father an old hypocrite. His father said meekly, "Jemmy, my son, be not angry. I assure you it is the very thing I have suspected of myself for 20 years." James, Jr. later died a slow torturous death of cancer which began in his lip.
     James, Sr. owned extensive holdings along the Briery River. His will is recorded in Will Book 2, page 197, in Prince Edward County Courthouse; numerous trans- actions involving selling and buying lands are recorded in the early deed books. Besides being an extensive landowner and owner of slaves, James, Sr., was active in public life. He represented Prince Edward County in the General Assembly in 1782 and was Justice of the County Court. He is described in "Notes on Southside by Walter Watson, as a man of intelligence and property. Grandsons Christopher and Daniel, the son of Daniel, inherited the property on which he lived. [Taken verbatim from: History of The James Allen Family of Prince Edward County, Virginia by Lorene A. Roberts - 1990]
His will dated May 24, 1793. Probated Nov. 18, 1795. Will book, page 197.

5. John Allen  b. 1-Jul-1757 Lunenburg Co.-VA d. 1-Nov-1816 Prince Edward Co.-VA m. 14-Nov-1782 Louisa Co.-VA Ann Sims  b. 13-Sep-1760 Louisa Co.-VA d. 15-Sep-1843 Charlotte Co.-VA John enlisted in the War of the Revolution in Charlotte Co.-VA in March of 1777 for a period of three years under Captain Joseph Micheaux. He was attached to the 14th Virginia Regiment, Continental Establishment, commanded by Colonel Charles Lewis and Colonel Charles Sims. He became Sergeant of his infantry company and served in that capacity until his enlistment expired. He also served under General Green in the South. [Taken from: History of "The Allen Family" of Prince Edward County, Virginia by Lorene A. Roberts - 1990 - 9 pages ]Wife Ann Sims applied for pension for service # W-5603 Pension 1838 in Charlotte Co.-VA.

6. James Allen Sr.  b. 14-Feb-1784 Louisa Co.-VA ? d. 22-Aug-1857 Benton Co.-TN m. 1811 Bedford Co.-VA    Elizabeth Clevenger  b. CIR 1792 WALES d. 28-Sep-1869 Benton Co.-TN James Allen lived in VA., NC., TN. & AL. Sources: Amanda Isabel Shepards' US census records: Benton Co.-Court Minutes: Benton Co.- land & Marriage records John C. Brown of Eva, TN.  Elizabeth Clevenger was born in Wales between 1790-92. She was between 10-11years old when she arrived in the United States.

7. James Allen Jr.  b. 26-Jan-1826 TENNESSEE d. 17-Nov-1901 Benton Co.-TN m. 23-Jan-1849 Carroll Co.-TN    Mahala Ann Brown  b. 22-Jan-1828 TENNESSEE d. 23-Aug-1860 m. 26-Aug-1861 Benton Co.-TN Amanda Jane    Brackin  b. 15-Apr-1842 Carroll Co.-TN d. 11-Jan-1882According to 1880 Benton Co.-TN census shows him blind. Was a Mason. James went blind when he was about forty; family tradition remembers him at the home of Elizabeth Jones, sitting with his walking stick in his hands, tapping on the floor until he had worn a hollow in the wood.----Robert H. Allen

Mahala: This info: obtained from 1850 census of Carroll Co.-TN family dwelling # 1733 of the 15th. District. Aka "Hallie" Note: Head Stone reads "Hallie".

8. John George Allen  b. 4-Apr-1856 Benton Co.-TN d. 4-Mar-1932 Carroll Co.-TN m. 30-Sep-1880 Benton Co.-TN   Elizabeth Reed m. 4-Sep-1895 Benton Co.-TN Martha Frances Abbott  b. 24-Jan-1878 Benton Co.-TN   d. 8-Nov-1964 Henry Co.-TN

4-Apr-1856 - 04-Mar-1932

     John George Allen was born in Benton County, Tennessee the 6th son of James Allen (1826-1901) and Mahala Ann (Brown) Allen (1828-1860). John Allen 1880 census of Tennessee page 62. John George "aka" "Johnnie Green" "John Green & "John A." Allen. Johnnie Green was first married to Elizabeth Reed on Sep. 30, 1880 in Benton Co.-TN, married by Joseph Allen, J. P. John and Elizabeth had a boy named Andrew that disappeared during WW-I and a girl named Sadie believed to have married a "Jim Jack Allen and moved to Texas and never returned. His married 2nd Martha Francis [Abbott] Allen on Sep. 4, 1895, by William Riley Kee, J. P. Their children: McKinley m. Beulah Speed, Homer m. Josephine Ervin, Hattie m. Carlos Blaylock, Claradell m. Commadore Reece, Minnie m. Luke Jordan, Hester died at 6 yrs, Arlie, Dennison m. Corine Sheridan, Bennie died at 18 yrs, Johnny Bee m. Gay Jordan and Guy m. Hazel Bonds.
     Johnnie and Martha lived about two and one half (2 1/2) miles East of Trezevant on Big Buck and Little Buck Road. Johnnie Green was a farmer.
     Grandpa Johnnie Green favored pictures of Abraham Lincoln. He practiced an old time ritual of touching his finger to his tongue and then gently rubbing an injury, scrape, bruise etc. and mumbling under his breathe while doing so. I am not sure but, I figure he was praying or repeating some secret incantation. At any rate the injury always seemed to get better right away.
   Johnnie Greene Allen took sick, and about the same time his daughter Bennie came down with Typhoid Fever. I cannot remember what illness Grandpa had. Bennie died of the fever, and Grandpa died soon after.
   John George Allen is a half-brother to Malinda Louise Allen, the third wife of his father-in-law Henry Franklin Abbott, the father of his second wife Martha Francis Abbott.

   Martha: Aka "Tense" "Mary" Martha Francis married John George Allen a half-brother to her fathers third wife Malinda Louise Allen.

9. Homer Allen  b. 15-May-1898 Benton Co.-TN d. 7-Sep-1976 Henry Co.-TN m. 28-Aug-1918 Benton Co.-TN Josephine Tennessee Ervin  b. 30-Jan-1903 ALABAMA d. 18-Apr-1968 Henry Co.-TN m. Ollie Bertie    Crutchfield b. 18-Feb-1909 Carroll Co.-TN d. 02-Oct-1971 Henry Co.-TN - DOA Henry Co.-Gen Hosp. m. Pauline Hill. Josephine: Aka "Fennie". Cause of Death: Cancer of the throat.

Ollie: Ollie B. was second wife to Homer Allen . She went to school with Josephine  and Lissie  Ervin. Ollie B. was also married to a Taylor. Ollie was killed in a train/car accident in Henry, TN. Ollie was also a Taxi Driver in McKenzie, TN at one time.

10. Billie Nathan Allen  b. 13-Feb-1946 Henry Co.-TN - Old Wash Bunn Home Place m. 10-Feb-1968 Paris, TN - Fairview Baptist Church Kathie Jean Chandler [Divorced]. I was born a twin, and my mother named us both Billie, her Billie June and myself Billie Nathan, AKA    Bill Allen

11. Felicia June Allen b. 21-Jan-1969 Henry Co. TN