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 Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church, located about eleven miles south of Camden (Benton Co.) TN, was organized Oct. 17, 1845 by Elders E. Autry and D. Quellin, with approximately 32 charter members.  The Charter members were: M. Pinkston, John Pinkston, Henry Trout, Hezikah Forest, David Forest, James S. Childers, Ulysus Kirk, Lydia Rumley, Hannah Yates, Mary Smothers, Nancy Smothers, Malinda Childers, Mary Sanders, Catherine Sanders, Jerusha Sanders, James Allen Sr., Elizabeth Allen, Lucinda Douglas, Ann Ross, Elsey Parmer, Martha Forrest, Seletha Yates, Sarah Pinkston, Angline Pinkston, Pheby Pinkston.  There were seven names recorded that we are unable to read.
     Present membership is 250 (1986). We have been told that an arm was extended from Mt. Comfort Church in Carroll County. Some of the records have been lost; also during the Civil War, only a few minutes were recorded.  The Church has had the following pastors: Elders E. Autry, D. Quellin, G. W. Hollowell, J. N. Richardson, E. M. Joyner, G. W. Joyner, E. N. Franks, G. S. Brinkley, D. S. Brinkley, J. G. Cooper, G. C. Kee, S. W. Joyner, J. M. Boyd, Joseph Allen, W. S. Phillips, E. M. Franks, Eulon Smothers, H. D. Lankford, Fred Prince, Neil Butler, T. L. Campbell, James Abbott, John Hedges, Robert Noles, Onus Higdon, James Higdon, Leaburn Mitchell, Billy Joe Hillard, M. H. Gurley and Bulis Kee.
     The clerks have been: M. Pinkston, W. M. McAuley, B. F. Allen, T. L. Butler, D. S. Sanders, G. Short, J. W. Rowe, W. R. Kee, W. H. Wimberley, C. V. Kee, Leaburn Allen, W. J. Allen, J. L. Allen, Edd Kee, Loye Furr, Willie Umstead, Roger Ellis and Vernon Higdon.
     The Church has ordained the following to the full work of the Ministry: J. J. Allen, Edd Cooper, Eulon Smothers, John Hedges, John Anderson, James Abbott, J. D. Abbott, Huston Hedges, Hal Abbott, Leaburn Mitchell, J. P. Forrest, Roger Ellis, Bulis Kee and possibly others since the records are incomplete.
     Deacons have been: B. M. Wimberley, E. R. Abbott, W. R. Noles, W. L. Allen, W. A. Noles, Jessie Smothers, A. L. Allen, L. R. Jordan, A. Y. Umstead, James H. Kee, J. L. Allen, Clifford Abbott, W. C. Clark, Edd Kee, Arlie B. Brackins, Huston Hedges, Leaburn Mitchell, Willie Umstead, Marvin Hicks, Leon Norwood, Vernon Higdon, Edd Ellis, Edward Ellis, Roger Ellis, Grady Kee, Tony Miller.
     The Church as extended an arm to organize at least three churches: Cross Roads in Benton Co.-TN, Center Point in Carroll Co.-TN and Pleasant Valley in Washington, IL.  Pleasant Hill was a member of Kentucky and Tennessee Association when it disbanded in 1945.  It has been a member of the Southwestern District Association since its beginning in 1846.  The Church has had three meeting houses. The first two were log buildings.  The present building was erected in 1896.
     Restrooms, central heat and air and vinyl siding has been added.  The Church has full time services now.  Many souls have been saved, 40 in one meeting.  Many still come back to Pleasant Hill the annual homecoming the 3rd Sunday in May and to the revival every year.  Pleasant Hill is home to many, although some live in other states.
-TAKEN FROM: "Families and Histories 1836 - 1986 Benton Co.-TN"
                               Copyright 1986 Benton County Genealogical Society

 I have many family members and ancestors buried in Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Benton Co.-TN. I have been working on this cemetery and its unique aspects for many years.