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Access 2002 Software Utilities

Free Access Online Tutorials

NOT Free Access Online Tutorials

Sample Access Databases

Run Access Reports From Web

Access Report Scheduler

Access Corruption - Best Single Web Site of Information

Cimaware.com - vendor for AccessFix Database repair utility

DB Explorer 2.2.2 - compare two databases and synchronize them

Shell and Wait

Access vs. Excel for Databases

Top 5 Access Books for Beginners

Access books

Links to Access Resources

            The links to Access resources link above is part of the North Texas Access User's group web site.

Access Add-ins (great list)




Use VBA and COM to Access Data in a Lotus Notes Database





Recover Passwords and user-level security info for MDBs to gain full access


        The above software allows password recovery and user-level security recovery from Access MDB file

        even if the MDW file is missing!


VBA Password Bypasser


 MDE to MDB conversion


Recovers all VBA code in forms, reports and modules.


Unlock forms and report designs in MDEs


        The MDE unlocker unlocks the form and report design so you can make changes to the form design and layout.

        You still cannot access the VBA code behind which still works.  But you can specify macros to run for

        Events and put new logic in there.

        Another option gives you unlocked forms and reports with all the VBA code removed.  YOu can then

        copy the form to a MDB and have full ability to add VBA logic.







Access 2002 Software Utilities

Contact the author at:   bobalston9  AT  yahoo  DOT  com

Archive Microsoft Outlook E-Mail Messages & Attachments


Archives e-mail contents to Access 2000 table


Saves attachments as Windows files


Access table of attachments tied to messages


Hyperlinks to attachments


Handles embedded messages - messages attached to messages.  These can be nested.


Does not handle OLE items in an Outlook message, which Outlook stores as an attachment.


Archive Lotus Notes E-Mail Messages & Attachments

bulletSimilar features to the above.



Access Database Monitoring & Backup

bulletManages an unlimited list of access databases
bulletVerifies hourly during specified hours that each database is accessible
bulletExceptions are notified via e-mail, which can be easily routed to an alphanumeric pager.
bulletNightly runs automatic backup script and compression with optional printed report of results.

IT Project Status Tracking and Reporting

bulletMulti-user Access Database
bulletFocus is on tracking and reporting overall project status, major miulestones, etc.  Not intended to use to manage the details of a project
bulletShows status on unlimited number of project milestones
bulletAllows periodic text status summary; all are shown, latest first.
bulletAllows entry/reporting of Accomplishments & Next Steps
bulletAllows entry/reporting of Major issues
bulletAllows reporting of actions required outside the project team
bulletInteractive form and report for a single project or a custom filtered set of multiple projects.

Cross Reference Access Tables and Queries

bulletGenerate a where used list for tables and queries
bulletStep 1 - select the Access DB - browse to it
bulletStep 2 - One time extraction of the where used data
bulletStep 3 - Select a table or query name from a drop down list to see its where used by object name and type.


Access Where Used Structured Report/Diagram Showing Indented Structure

bulletShows end object and all queries & tables used in a tree structure like indented structure
bulletQueries, reports and forms and the input source for each.  If the input source is a query shows the tables and/or queries that are used by it.  Recursive structure shows all levels down to tables.


Access Database of Web Resources for Access

bulletList of various access resources
bulletIncludes sites with free code & downloads
bulletIncludes sites with Q & A forumns
bulletIncludes sites with various tips and FAQs
bulletIncludes specific Microsoft knowledgebase articles
bulletIncludes online tutorials
bulletAll have hotlink to target

 Job Search Contacts Database

bulletMaintain a list of contacts
bulletAllows recording of multiple sets of information related to each contact; thus allowing recording on each interchange.

I.S. Budget Development System


Allows for entry of the proposed new budget for controllable accounts for each combination of cost center and account. 


For each new budget entered, supporting detail can also be entered. 


On-line review and update as well as a variety of reports can be produced.


Maintains employee related budget information.  This includes salary data for existing and proposed billets, both exempt and non-exempt, along with employee related benefit amounts.  This information is initially entered into the roster system, then the Finance budget system.


I.S. Budget Management System


 Assists in controlling budgets by improving ability to accurately forecast expenditures for specific cost centers and accounts.


Allows I.S. top management and administration to analyze, summarize and report on various aspects of the budget forecasting process.

Report differences in all tables in two versions of Access MDB File


Key need when distributing Access based software is to ensure all changes to tables are made when updating a client's access software.  This is because you cannot replace the tables because the live data is there.  This utility compares the attributes of fields in each database and reports the differences.


The latest version also lists new fields, deleted fields and automatically applies changes (where permitted by Access).


Context Sensitive HELP System using Access Form


This is a context sensitive help system built entirely within Access.  Each form can be tied to a unique HELP record, consisting of a single page of information for that form.  The system also allows for generic information about the system that is not tied to any form.


Compare Database Versions and Update the Table Definitions

I found a very nice, FREE utility to do this:  Compare'EM


Very Easy to Use Reporting Subsystem for Access Apps

Why would anyone want this if they have Access.  The nitch for this is for very naiive users who are afraid of or won't learn enough Access to create a query to select the data they want and then use the Wizard to create their report.  Of course, this add-on is very limited, rudimentary.  But sometimes, that's all that is needed.  And it's FREE.

It is a part of the Corp Tech Demos from Duane Hookom



Add-on to Existing Reports to Allow Custom Data Selection/Filtering

This FREE utility allows you to define existing reports for which the user can add additional data selection when running.



Add-on Report Writer Suitable for Novice End-users


by Duane Hookom.  - FREE

This is a wonderful and EASY report generator!  GREAT for users who won't learn how to use Access' report wizard.

It certainly is not as functional as Access' built in capability but might be just right for simple reports by users who are not willing to learn enough Access.  Allows user to select a data source, select the fields desired, specify any selection criteria.  Optionally allows multilevel groupings with totals of sums, counts, averages, maximum and minimum.


Gladstone Report Wizard for Microsoft Access




Auto Front End Database Updater - by Tony Toews


"This utility will automatically update the front end MDE and associated files from the server to the client workstation or directory on the server. The utility will, if required, create the directory on the workstation, copy files to workstation, create a shortcut on the desktop, common desktop or quick launch bar and update registry keys. It will then start the Access MDE. If none of this is required the next time you run this utility then all those steps are bypassed and it just starts the Access MDB."



Free Access Online Tutorials

http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/access/HA011189511033.aspx    - Microsoft's own training - FREE - Access 2003

http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/HA102744471033.aspx    - Microsoft's own training - FREE - Access 2007









Utter Access forum Access tutorials

    Note you may have to register (free) to access the tutorials topic in the forums










At the following link, scroll down until you find "Microsoft Access Tutorials: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced:"


Download them onto your laptop!  (Right click on each link and select "save target as" and save to a directory on your PC.



This set of tutorials is downloadable:






Database design basics:





NOT Free Access Online Tutorials





Sample Databases





Relational Database Design Tutorials/Articles

planning tutorial Part I
planning tutorial Part II
FAQ on Design Strategies
FAQ on Normalization
FAQ on Normalization
PDF on Normalization
FAQ on Fully Qualified Naming
FAQ on Glossary
FAQ on Reserved Words
- What They Are / Are Not
Keys - Natural vs Surrogate
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q173738]Naming Conventions - Hungarian
ACCESS Basics for Programming
Rules of Data Normalization
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/283878]MSKB 283878:  Description of
the database normalization basics
http://www.mvps.org/access/lookupfields.htm]  The  Evils of Lookup
Fields in Tables

See the serries of articles in this blog http://argeedblu.blogspot.com/
discussing the intial design process for an ice cream sundae database.







Run Access Reports from Web

Viewing & Printing Access Reports with ASP and/or VB - 4guysfromRolla.com - FREE


RPT Software - Report Server

Web Delivery System for MS Access Reports - $99


Access2PDF  - $300


Access Reporter. NET  

Free 1 yr limited functionality - serve up 3 reports

Full LIcense cost is $599




Access Report Scheduler

MARS Report Scheduler - $495 - $1995

Comparison of versions



Access vs. Excel for Databases