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High Pressure CO2

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Stages of the Aquascaper - Thomas Barr











Aquatic Plant Forums

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High Pressure CO2

If you know of GREAT co2 articles that should be added here, please contact the author at

bobalston9   AT   yahoo  D O T   com


Primer to Pressurized CO2

Rex Grigg's web site is a great source of information and equipment

Plant Geeks forum - CO2 and Water Chemistry

Scott Hieber's Excellent Summary

CO2 & Aquatic Plant Fertilization

Dual Stage Regulators    <---Huge thread - well worth reading


Treatise on DIY CO2 Systems for Freshwater-Planted Aquaria

Bob Alston's CO2 Setup


Pressurized CO2 Equipment & Sources - Tanks, regulators, needle/metering valves, all-in-one regulators, co2 controllers

CO2 Needle/Metering Valves

Tap-Rite #742 Regulator Sold by Rapids Wholesale in their $99 CO2 Tank & Regulator

Chuck Gadd's Wonderful CO2 Level Calculator

Aquarium Plants and DIY CO2 Injection

Pressurized Cylinder CO2 Injection

CO2 (carbon dioxide) FAQ for aquatic plant tanks

CO2 in the Aquarium

Pressurized CO2 System

Pressurized CO2 System

End of Tank Dump and Tap-Rite #742 Regulator

End of Tank Dump - 2

End of Tank Dump - 3


DIY CO2 Reactor - James Hoftiezer   - follow construction     projects links

Clear PVC Pipe 2-inch sold by the foot  $8.35 / foot

Plant Guild Reactors

DIY CO2 Drop Checker


CO2 Trivia



If you know of GREAT co2 articles that should be added here, please contact the author at

bobalston9   AT   yahoo   D O T   com






Aquarium Plant Books

Plant book Reviews/Recommendations












Notable Aquatic Plant Web Sites

Dallas Ft. Worth Aquatic Plant Club (DFWAPC)

Aquatic Gardeners Association

Planted Tank Resources









Internet Freshwater Aquatic Plant Databases



http://www.aquatic-plants.org/plant_database/plant_database.html      not
currently available - but wait for it


http://www.aquaplant.org/cgi/search2.plx  - apparently the pictures are not



http://www.dewinters.nl/english/plants/index.htm  - limited coverage but
good text


http://www.eheim.com/  - click on info database and follow plants links

http://www.corydorasworld.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1728&st=0&#entry15709 -
has downloadable version of Tropica plant database

http://www.aqualink.com/catalogs/wplants1.html  - unfortunately no pictures!

http://aquat1.ifas.ufl.edu/photos.html - native US and invasive plants only


http://www.bobsfish.com/plants/imagedata.htm - looks like Tropica's pictures





Scissors - Cheap (MedicalSuppliesPlus.net)

Simease Algae Eater - SAE - Identification