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This document contains information on sources of bulk filtration media.  My objective was to find alternatives to purchasing Eheim's filtration pack - 2 white pads and 1 blue one - for my Eheim Pro 2026 canister filter.  The filtration pack costs $12 locally and about the same mail order when shipping is added.  The white pads - basically polyester fibers - are not reusuable.

Originally my focus was on foam media similar to that used for Aquaclear filters.  However, I also learned about bulk polyester fiber material as well.  Both are noted below.

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Foam Media for Aquarium Filtration

The foam media for aquarium filtration is called "open cell", "reticulated" foam.  Also called "filter foam" and "outdoor foam.  It has holes that are interconnected so that water flows thru the foam.  The material differs in pores per inch (PPI) which seem to come in 20 ppi or 30 ppi for aquarium usage.  Material is made with PPI ratings of up to 120.

Caution must be exercised to not acquire/use any foam that has been treated with anything - examples mold preventative.  Such will kill your fish!!


Sources of Open Cell, Reticulated Foam for Aquariums

Aquatic Eco-Systems


They sell 20 ppi foam in 1-inch thick x 2 ft x 6 ft sheets $48.00.


Angels Plus


Custom cut foam available.



Evaporator Foam Pads


This was recommended but I could not find any at Home Depot or Lowe's.


Koi Depot


They cell black colored foam.  Price not stated.



Sources of Bulk Fiber Filtration Material

Pond Filter Media     <Best Buy>

Here is another source that seems pretty good: