Pressurized CO2 Equipment & Sources



Tank and Regulator


Rapids Wholesale

BD435  $104.00 – New 5 pound steel tank and Tap-Rite #742 regulator.





Tank Only


Rapids Wholesale

G550  $63.00 NEW



Superior Products

5 lb  #811860  $64.00


Harbor Freight

5313-3VGA  5 lb - $69.99




Regulator Only


NOTE:  Be careful which regulator you buy if you plan to remove the large hose barb and the shutoff valve and connect it directly to a needle valve.  Apparently some regulators are built using nonstandard threads.  I found one such.  The result was I could not remove the unnecessary parts and connect my needle valve.  Their female output was not quite Ό” NPT so my connection failed.


I have been able to make this change successfully with the 9T852 (Taprite 742) available from Rapids Wholesale.



Rapids Wholesale

#9T852  $ 44.00


Harbor Freight

U.S. General #4725 regulator #47259-0VGA  $29.99


Should come with an adaptor for co2 tank connection – make sure it comes with this.  See below:




#721.0002  $31.95



Superior Products

#850695  $ 48.00



#710G   $51.95






AquaMedic Regulator.  Has a fixed output pressure of 1.5 bar (approx equal to 21 lbs) and built in needle valve.


User experiences:







All-in-One Regulator – Regulator, solenoid, needle valve & bubble counter




Milwaukee all-in-one regulator


Milwaukee & JBJ regulator -details


Milwaukee regulator – legal & safety issues






JBJ CO2 Regulator  - has a fixed output pressure from the regulator


JBJ site :


Comment from one user :


Another user comments…


Milwaukee & JBJ regulator -details







JBJ All-in-one regulator – fixed output pressure     - $99.00


Milwaukee & JBJ regulator -details





Aquatic Store

Has Milwaukee all-in-one regulator


“Here is a source for the Milwaukee set up for $74. Every once in a while they offer it on a "special sale" for $69”


Milwaukee & JBJ regulator -details


Milwaukee regulator – legal & safety issues





Aqua Cave

Has Milwaukee all-in-one for $80



Aquarium Plant

Milwaukee for approx $53.00  Be sure to very exactly what brand is being sold before you order.






CO2 Regulators



Milwaukee Regulator – about $100


Milwaukee & JBJ regulator -details


Milwaukee regulator – legal & safety issues






Pinpoint Regulator – about $180



Glass Gardens


Has Milwaukee all-in-one regulators.  Other pressurized co2 components.








PlantGuild Power reactor – inside tank





DIY external reactor