Bob Alston’s CO2 Setup




Rapids Wholesale - Co2 kits - 5-lb new steel tank with dual gauge regulators
$99 (#BD435)

This uses a Tap-Rite #742 two gauge regulator.


Needle Valve
Florida driftwood - needle valve used in medical gases $19.50
Appears to be Clippard MNV-4K2 (4k2 has an 1/8 hose barb included)

Florida Driftwood shipped my valve with a 10-32 to 1/8 NPT adaptor on the bottom port.


Connect Needle Valve to Regulator

If needle valve comes with brass adaptor with 1/8” NPT male screw threads:


Also needs a ¼” NPT male to 1/8” NPT female adaptor (Clippard #15006-5) to connect the valve directly to the regulator.

Can probably get where you fill co2 gas.


If needle valve does not come with any brass adaptor – std 10-32 male threads on bottom:


Need ¼” NPT male to 10-32 female adaptor (Clippard #15006-3) to connect the valve directly to the regulator.


Add second 1/8” hose barb to needle valve


Add female 10-32 to female 10-32 bushing (Clippard # 15004)

Add 1/8” hose barb to male 10-32 threads (Clippard # 11752-4)


CO2 Reactor

Plant Guild Power Reactor

Note some online aquarium stores now carry the larger version of this, which is what I have.


CO2 Level Monitor

Dupla monitor - Dupla CO2 Dauertest




You may be able to buy the Clippard needle valve - MNV-4K2 from a local Clippard distributor. Check their web site


To add a second 1/8-inch needle connector on the Clippard you need the following parts from Clippard:


#15004 - Female Hex Connector - convert the 10-32 male inlet port to a 10-32 female


#11752 - 10-32 to 1/8 inch hose

Some people use other co2 reactors/diffusers. Lots of variety here so do some more research on the web.

My 5 lb tank lasts about 8 months. For my 55 gallon tank.


Be sure to look at local welding supply companies and at home brewing supply stores for tank and regulator.  Certainly will save shipping (partly offset with tax).