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Client/Case Management Software (I reviewed)


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1) Bob Alston’s Agency System – FREE


Client & Services Tracking System for 501(c)(3)

MS Access 2003 database and interactive system to track clients and services provided in a basic human needs, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization distributing food, clothing and limited financial assistance - Rx, rent, gasoline, utilities.  Tracks client information, including other personnel in household, services provided by service & date & quantity/$ amount provided.  Tracks unable to serve and the reason why.  Allows entry of income and expense details.  Extensive reporting.

Includes modules for tracking donations of funds and items.  Maintains information on donors and volunteers.  Allows weekly entry of volunteer hours and miles driven.

Much of the system is table driven allowing customization of programs, services within programs and other parameters via tables.

Can handle multiple users on a LAN with full concurrent access via record locking.



2) Database for non-profit food bank - ***WEB BASED ***


I have created an online secure and safe database called Food Pantry Manager. It is only $15.00 per month (or $153 if paid annually) and comes with a free 1 month trial. I have built the system to allow upgrades and additions so if you have some custom data to track, Food Pantry Manager can custom code a module for you! We also have data conversion services for those of you who have data and would like to be able to track it in the Food Pantry Manager system. Some key features of this software: Client Information and Visitation Tracking, Financial Tracking, Volunteer Scheduler, Reporting Services and 24/7 Free Support. Please also note that Food Pantry Manager is a Web based software solution with no downloads or system requirement. Just sign up and start managing your data!



3) Food Bank Manager  $60/month   - ***WEB BASED ***



4) Food Pantry Client Intake and Reporting Software

    Cedar Mountain Software



    Free limited demo

    Single user version $29

    Multi user version with source code  $300


5) Client System Case Management Software


Melvin S. Goldberg
"Client System Case Management Software" & "Food for Life"
7425 Old York Road, Elkins Park PA 19027
:  215-782-6000 x17
Cell:  215-266-0848



Web based case management system.  Supports multiple locations.



            One time setup fee:  $500

            Monthly fees PER USER:  $29.95  for 1-20 users


This is the only software I am aware of that specifically handles multiple locations.







7) Metrix – Fund for the City of New York – FREE/Open Source


Contact Management


Built using Microsoft Access for screens and reports and MSDE/SQL server as a database.


Access source code is provided.


Users manual: 

See HELP – Metrix Help for complete manual


Documentation available:

See HELP – Metrix Help – Info on forms, tables and entity relationships




METRIX allows you to keep track of:

  • Individuals, organizations and families
  • Relationships between contacts
  • Interaction history with your organization, including:
    • Payments, donations and grants
    • Volunteering and actions
    • Marketing and communications
    • Event attendance
    • Client and case management
    • Advocacy

METRIX was designed to allow you to define interactions in order to create meaningful, productive histories for each contact.




Whether your contacts are donors, members or clients, METRIX allows you to keep track of how each contact interacts with your organization. Using METRIX , you can keep track of:

  • Appointments, schedules and attendance
  • Important reminders
  • Appointment histories
  • To-do Lists

Measuring and Using Your Data

METRIX gives you the flexibiility to organize your data to meet your communications, reporting, and analysis needs. You can build queries as simple as selecting a subset of your data or complex enough to require layered criteria. You can:

  • Run and edit built-in reports
  • Create, edit and copy custom queries and reports
  • Export data into Word, Excel and external applications.


You can utilize built-in tools to protect valuable, confidential data. METRIX includes features to allow each organization's system administrator control over:

  • Users and user groups
  • Permissions and security levels
  • Routine, timed back-ups and maintenance
  • Data for user-defined drop-down lists


8) Charity Director $149.95


   DESIGNED as a comprehensive tools for officials of community foundations, local charities and non-profits associations
    Information management tool - instant access, unlimited records, extensive data collection
    Financial Accounting -  assistance provided and charity expenses
    Management of clients and donors - details about gifts received and donor
    Personnel Management - info on permanent and part  time employees, volunteers, scheduling
    Fund Raising - campaigns, pledges, financial and non-financial gifts
    Volunteer groups - projects, scheduling, assigning housing
   DESIGNED  to be easy to install and setup 
    Installation almost automatic 
    Install Wizard simplifies the original configuration
    Configuration to organization can be changed at anytime
    Y2K compatible
Import data from dBase database files or Lotus spreadsheets

   DESIGNED  to support volunteer operations 
    Little training required
    Easy data entry 
    Scheduling - groups and individuals
    Email and call clients, volunteers and organizations from within program

   DESIGNED to provide management with helpful information 
    79 total prepared reports
    7 Financial reports   
    Mail Management - address and name labels, print on envelopes in lieu of labels 
    Analytical reports for all modules




9) Client Touch by Social Work Software -


Two versions:  1) Client Touch SE  - FREE

2) Client Touch Classic – BY QUOTATION ONLY


If your organization works directly with clients/ consumers/ participants, ClientTouch SE may be a fit for you.

You can quickly and easily retrieve and update client data, allowing you to do a better job of serving clients. You can also quickly and easily generate reports that can help when seeking funding for your programs.

ClientTouch SE keeps, for each client, identifying and demographic information. For each client you can have as many case notes, program enrollments, service records, and outcome records as you want.

ClientTouch SE runs on PCs running Windows 95 and above.

You can download and use the base ClientTouch SE software for free. This base software keeps data on individual clients, generates demographic, enrollment, service, and outcome reports, and has no expiration date. You can also adapt the software to meet your needs by licensing optional features.”







10) Ebase Pro 2.1 – FREE single user version -  $159 user w/ Filemaker SW/ $749 server w/ filemaker software


“Community Relationship Management for Non-Profits”


Built with FileMaker Pro software.  Includes free runtime module.







11) Family Access Management System - F.A.M.S. 2.6   $4,000


Pricing page:


“The Family Access Management System (FAMS) is a relational database software application written in Microsoft FoxPro used for client tracking, case management, and client progress. The relational design allows members to be linked to families, services, outcomes, scales, development plans, and referrals. FAMS can be operated on a personal computer running the following operating systems: Windows 95/98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. FAMS may also be installed on a network server running Windows NT/2000 or Novell operating systems.”


Free download of limited demo available.







12) Client Track System 3.0 – Shah Software – Pricing not stated


Can download a demo.


A Complete Information System for Community Action Agencies”


13) Framework – by Core Logic


UK company


You can request a demo via email



14) Case Watch Millennium – no pricing stated


Casewatch Millennium® is a multi-user, interactive database management system designed to meet the needs of diverse organizations whose missions range from direct provision of healthcare to social services case management to monitoring providers of care.”



15) Client Management System – CMS – no pricing stated


CMSÓ, in the field (for more than 7 years), providing agencies that work with local and regional grants,  health and human services, DOL, and government programs, Management and Tracking tools to understand how the services delivered to clients make a difference...”


Demo can be requested


16) R/Client – by Great Lakes Research – Pricing not stated



You can sign up for a product demo


17) H E A R T Family Software


“The H.E.A.R.T. (Human services Evaluation And Reporting Tools) Family Software product line was written specifically for social service organizations with an emphasis on rescue missions and homeless service providers. This user-friendly collection of client-tracking software enables these organizations to gather the statistical data they need to operate at optimum levels. “


The vendor states that they support agencies having multiple locations.



18) Service Point



See newsletter



19 NPASS                         - $2250 per year




20) Social Service System – by Simplicity


“The S.S.S. goes beyond case management, by integrating case management tools with treatment planning and facilitation, statistics and trending, Human Resource Management, Dynamic Tracking, Activity based costing, and much more! The flexibility of the system provides the opportunity for operation in several residential environments, including but not limited to: Group Homes, Disability Residential Care, Hostels, Nursing and Retirement Homes. The Social System provides all of the functionality required to operate a residential care facility more efficiently through streamlining operations, reducing paperwork, automating information sharing and standard government reporting.”


21) Case Trakker – no pricing stated.


CaseTrakker LAN is the answer for smaller case management organizations. CaseTrakker LAN provides fundamental case management and billing functions for the entire work group. Simple to use, CaseTrakker LAN supports network access to case management information.


·        Track and manage client profiles, episodes, notes, relationships, care plans, assessments, time tracking, documents

·        Create and modify simple care plans to track goals, interventions, outcomes

·        Document management & standard reporting

·        Create scored assessments

·        Track time and expenditures

·        Generate service orders

·        Interface with InterQual clinical guidelines

·        Automated access to code sets such as ICD9, DSM, CPT

·        Simple fee for service billing

·        Automated tickler list (with RoboTrak)”


You can request a demo.





Other Case Management Software ( I am aware of but have not reviewed)


a)AdvocacyPro Case Management Software
  case management software for youth services, domestic violence, 
  missing persons, residential care and vocational services
  Web based!
  $5 – 15k for customizations/data conversion







General Purpose PC Software


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Searchable database of Nonprofit Capacity building resources.  Also divided into categories.  Includes software.  Resources are rated by members.




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