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Case Management Software for Nonprofits

Client & Services Tracking System for 501(c)(3)

Food Pantry and Emergency Services Software

System to track clients and services provided (e.g. case management) in a basic human needs, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization distributing food, clothing and limited financial assistance - Rx, rent to avoid eviction, gasoline, utilities to avoid shutoff.  Tracks client information, including others in the household, services provided by individual service & date & quantity/$ amount provided.  Tracks "unable to serve" and the reason why.  Allows entry of client family income and expense details.  Extensive reporting.

Includes modules for tracking donations of funds and items.  Maintains information on donors and volunteers.  Allows weekly entry of volunteer hours and miles driven.

Much of the system is table driven allowing customization of programs, services within programs and other parameters via tables.

Can handle multiple users on a LAN with full concurrent access via record locking.

Built with MS Access 2003 but runs on Access 2000 or later.

It does not currently run under Microsoft Office 64 bit.   It DOES work with 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows.  Just make sure to install Office in 32 bit mode.

Initially installed November 2004.  As of March 8, 2018, installed in 545 nonprofit agencies.

System comes with Access source code, 51 page Users Guide and Technical Documentation.  Step by Step Installation document also provided.

The demo system and documentation you can download below are from the February 2005 version of the software.  Since then it has been  continously updated.  Key new features include:


Unlimited, chronological notes by client.  Each note can be up to 2000 characters


User defined fields:


10 alphanumeric fields, allowing up to 255 characters to be entered.



20 checkbox fields.


Ad-hoc reporting subsystem.  Allows access to selected predefined queries.  User can define the fields to include and selection criteria.  Specifications can be named and saved for future use.


Custom selection criteria for key reports.  Allows the user to define custom selection criteria for standard reports.  Definitions can also be saved for reuse.


Ability to enter formal family action plans to improve family self sufficiency.  Includes various reports.


Optional tab to record church affiliation information


Built-in reports increased from 9 to 32


Export reports and queries to Excel or Word with two mouse clicks


For a document containing much more detailed description,  


To download a demonstration version for Access 2003, 2010 or 2013, limited to 10 clients, and in MDE format click BELOW     (This MDE will not run under Access 2002)

NEW Download zip compressed Version 1.36 - updated thru 5-28-2006 - with all new features noted above 


NOTE:  After you download the ZIP file you must unzip it and save it to your hard disk!!!!!!

If you have Access 2002 or Access XP, download this zip compressed file:


NOTE:  After you download the ZIP file you must unzip it and save it to your hard disk!!!!!!


New system description for version 1.36

                View/download DOC file



To download a zip compressed demonstration version for Access 2000, limited to 10 clients, and in MDE format click on

 Copy and paste the following link into the Address line of your browser and press <enter>  


NOTE:  After you download the ZIP file you must unzip it and save it to your hard disk!!!!!!



After you have tried out the software and found that it will work for you, to obtain the full, unlimited version of the software, send an email to the author at the email address below including:

    Identify the software you want (e.g. Agency System)

    Your name

    Exact name of the 501(C) (3) agency that will be using the software

    The agency's city and state.

     Exactly what you have done to test out the software.


 You can contact the author at:

             BobAlston9   AT   yahoo   DOT   com