Line of Division Conflict Table

Robert mac Cormaic, Herald-at-Large, Barony of Jararvellir, Principality of Northshield, Middle Kingdom

This table includes precedents through Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane.

Of considerable interest to me are the instances where "logic" breaks down in the determination of conflicts. By logic, I am referring to the chain that we usually have no need to question, where "If A = B, and B = C, then A = C." It works in math, but not always outside of it. In the case of these precedents, we find places where a line of division conflicts with two others, but those other two do not conflict with each other. Special care is needed to avoid such pitfalls. I've also found it interesting that so many lines of partition have just never been ruled on for purposes of conflict at all.

Last updated January 4, 2003.

Line No CD CD
Embattled Dovetailed [07/99, R-Lochac]
Bretessed [08/00, R-Ansteorra]
Raguly [02/01, R-Atlantia]
Urdy {04/01, R-Drachenwald]
Potenty [03/00, A-An Tir]
Bretessed Raguly [04/02, R-Artemisia]
Embattled Grady
Engrailed Invected [3/93, Cover]
Indented [3/93, Cover]
Invected Wavy [06/00, A-Middle]
Indented [3/93, Cover]
Engrailed [3/93, Cover]
Indented Wavy [LoAR 23 Apr 88, p. 21] Invected [3/93, Cover]
Engrailed [3/93, Cover]
Nebuly Wavy [01/02, R-Atenveldt] Urdy [2/95, Merides]
Urdy or Vallary Wavy [2/95, Merides] Nebuly [2/95, Merides]
Dovetailed [3/93, R-Middle]
Dovetailed Raguly [LoAR 5/91 p.4] Urdy [3/93, R-Middle]
Wavy or Undy Nebuly [01/02, R-Atenveldt]
Urdy [2/95, Merides]
Indented [LoAR 23 Apr 88, p. 21]
Invected [06/00, A-Middle]
Crested or Wavy Crested Not permitted [12/97, R-Outlands]
This division is out of period.
Wavy-Counterwavy or
Wavy Bretessed
Not permitted [LoAR 12/91 p.21]
This division is out of period.
Potenty Embattled [03/00, A-An Tir]
Raguly [03/00, A-Atlantia]
Raguly Embattled [02/01, R-Atlantia]
Dovetailed [LoAR 5/91 p.4]
Bretessed [04/02, R-Artemisia]
Potenty [03/00, A-Atlantia]
Saxonized Not permitted [LoAR 3/92 p.13]
This division is out of period.