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Who is Dr. Briggs?

Jeff Briggs

Dr. Jeff Briggs is the founder of Briggs Consulting and the President of Southern Wellness Associates, Inc. He has earned his Doctorate Degree in Sport Administration from The Florida State University and has garnered the wealth of his experience in the sport science community as an exercise physiologist, a sport researcher, and now a corporate executive for a healthcare firm. He is considered to be the leading sport science researcher for the bowling community, and has conducted numerous sport studies for the industry. He authors a monthly column on sport medicine for Bowling This Month (BTM) magazine, monthly columns on sport science for 7-10 Split magazine and The Asian Bowling Digest, as well as works with the Nebraska Alliance of Bowling Coaches (NABC), and is published in numerous other magazines, journals, and periodicals. He has also designed and released the industries' only sport-specific training manual, The Bowling-Specific Training Manual, now in its second edition.

Dr. Briggs is a USA Bowling Silver Level Coach and an active professional instructor training bowlers throughout the Southeastern United States. He has developed PBA, PWBA, and collegiate champions, and works largely in the Upstate South Carolina area as its professional instructor. He simultaneously coordinates the Bowlers Educational Clinic (BEC) a group of coaches who travel across the Eastern United States conducting one-day clinics.

Dr. Briggs is a sport researcher who loves to teach and bowl, while working to serve the industry. Although he works with amateur, elite, and professional bowlers across the country, he still bowls as time allows. He enjoys working on his game, often designing and testing new training drills and devices for his players. Beyond his personal involvement, his company is dedicated to the delivery of Sport Science research and information to the bowling industry. Briggs Consulting has a strong web presence and a comprehensive web site offering a diverse array of its Sport Science research and information to the bowling community at

Company Information

Our Mission is to serve the bowling industry through our work: Conducting research, writing and publishing materials, speaking and teaching, and offering professional expertise when need.

Our Goal is to contribute to the body of bowling knowledge while producing many valuable pieces of work.

Our Key Objective is to investigate, conduct, and produce Sport Science research and materials in the areas of sport medicine, sport psychology, and sport nutrition, as well as instructional techniques and practice drills for skill enhancement. You can find our work in Bowling This Month magazine (BTM), The Nebraska Alliance of Bowling Coaches (NABC), Pro Shop Today, 7-10 Split magazine, and other various academic and industry-specific publications.

Our Personnel are headlined by professional researchers, along with bowling coaches and instructors, writers, graphics arts designers, computer consultants, and professional support staff.

Our Products and Services include the recent release of The Bowling-Specific Training Program, several research projects for various bowling organizations, on-site training and work with bowlers and coaches, a monthly on-line newsletter, and a comprehensive database of our materials and articles.

One Recent Interest includes coordinating a group of highly talented bowling clinicians conducting -day and 1-day bowling clinics across the country. The Bowlers Educational Clinic, known as BEC, has existed for three years, and conducts affordable, all-inclusive clinics for adults and youth. The BEC web site is linked to the Briggs Consulting page, so we hope you check it out. If you are interested in hosting a BEC in your area or at your center, there is information on how to do so. Please take a moment to view it, and consider a BEC to educate your local bowlers.

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