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Nebraska Alliance of Bowling Coaches Newsletter

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Nebraska Alliance of Bowling Coaches

NABC Contact Personnel

Dennis Grover -
Ron Eggling - -or-

The initial meeting of the Nebraska Alliance of Bowling Coaches was held on October 29,1995 at 2:00 p.m. at Leisure Lanes in Omaha to discuss the feasibility of organizing certified bowling coaches. The meeting was informal and was attended by USA Bowling Coaches Dennis Grover, Rodger Stroup, Janis Jensen, John Guilkerson, Sheri Rozneki, Kevin Holder and Rick Jordan. The premise of the organization is to act as a support group for Nebraska Bowling Coaches, provide educational programs to benifit Bowling Coaches, promote the role that the Bowling Coach on the sport and to promote the Sport of Bowling.

The way that this will be accomplished will start with the combined efforts of the USA Bowling Coaches but will not be limited to just to that organization. YABA coaches will also be involved along with High School and Collegiate Coaches.


The NABC was created to provide an avenue of support for the bowling coach. Support in the form of continuing education programs to continue where certification programs leave off. The NABC also works to promote the perception and professionalism of the bowling coaching through public awareness.

Created in 1995 by a core group of USA Bowling coaches, the NABC strives to perpetuate the image of bowling. Instrumental in leading "Learn to Bowl", "Bowler Improvement Clinics" and "Coaches Tune-Up" clinics throughout the state. Safety awareness is greatly stressed at all clinics and conferences as the NABC hosted "CPR for Coaches" classes through the help of local American Heart Association Instructors. Extensive libraries of bowling videotapes are at the disposal of any member coach to check out. Transparencies for use with overhead projectors are available for purchase by coaches for presentation purposes.


A Bi-monthly NABC Newsletter is published to supply news of upcoming events, educational and informational articles, certification classes, and news of interest to the bowling coach. Coaches are encouraged to submit articles to be published and shared with all coaches.

Though formed by USA Bowling coaches, all bowling coaches are encouraged to join the NABC whether they are YABA, High School, Collegiate, Dick Ritger, IBPSIA, Pro-shop operators, or bowling center proprietors. We are all in this together so we believe we should all share in the experience.


Membership dues of $15 are paid yearly and collected in November of each year.

For membership information contact:
Dennis Grover -

Board of Directors

President   Dennis Grover
Vice-President   Ron Eggeling
Directors   Rick Jordan
    Terry Bruner Sr.
    Barry Abel
    Kevin Holder
    Rodger Stroup

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