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We offer several different presentations, 1/2-day and full-day seminars and Bowlers Educational Clinics (BEC) to local bowlers, bowling centers, and bowling clubs across the globe. If you have a group or are organizing a clinic or workshop and would like to include us as part of your offering, we would be delighted to come to your area to speak and/or teach. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our seminars, please contact us.


Seminar topics that we offer bowling organizations:

  • Sport Science & Bowling
  • Injury Management for the Bowler
  • Injury Management for the Bowling Instructor
  • Bowling-Specific Training & Conditioning
  • Player Types: What Sort of Bowler am I?
  • The Mental Game
  • The Release
  • The Characteristics of an Effective and Successful Bowling Instructor

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