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Personal Training

If you are a serious bowler-athlete, and would like some personalized and serious bowling-specific training and conditioning, we offer such a service.

If you are interested in pursuing a more serious bowling career, and would like to gain a competitive edge by getting yourself into bowling-specific shape, then this is your best option. Surpass your competition and be physically capable and prepared for the rigors of competitive bowling.


We have studied the biomechanics of bowling and have determined the primary and secondary needs of the bowler-athlete. We have outlined the specific training principles bowlers should use, and those exercises that are most exact, effective, and safe to employ. We will:

  • Outline and teach you the entire program from start to finish.
  • Teach you the methods to monitor and record your program on your training chart.
  • Teach you each specific exercise, how to perform them, how to monitor and gauge them, and the reasons why each were chosen.
  • Set your initial training range, your weights and resistances, your target heart rate, your machine settings, and record all this information onto a personally designed training chart.
  • Teach you how to monitor your diet as, together, we manipulate it to meet your goals. Teach proper hydration and how to avoid dehydration while training and competing.
  • Teach proper warm-up for bowling including stretching, light calisthenics, and warming methods for bowling.
  • Provide a new copy of The Bowling-Specific Training Program Manual and several personalized training charts.
  • Be available for free verbal and e-mail consultation, question and answer, and discussion on the training, training program, sport nutrition, warming methods, injury management, and whatever other sport science needs may be present.

Do you have some personal physical fitness goals beyond the scope of bowling? We will assess your needs, both physically and psychologically, and tailor a personal training program just for you. We will accommodate any additional needs and desires you have concerning your training and sport nutrition.


We work equally well with amateur, elite and professional bowlers, refining and developing their functional fitness, manipulating diets, managing injury, teaching proper warm-up techniques, and enhancing their competence and confidence levels through our on-site work. We want to be your resource and provide you the world's only Bowling Personal Training Coach to help you achieve your goals.

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