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November 21, 2004

  Here is a view of the original hardtop floor pans with the new convertible cross-brace and seat riser sitting on top.  This photo represents the very start of the project while the roof was still in place.
Here, you can see the tags indicating that these are convertible-specific full floor pans.  Even though this Cougar had mostly pristine floor pans, doing the job right dictated replacing them with the stiffer convertible pans.   
  In this shot, the new pans have been tack-welded in to get the fit and alignment correct.  The new inner rocker panels have also been tacked into place and a small rust-through area in the passenger toe-board has been repaired.
This view from the opposite side more clearly shows the inner rocker panels.  Everything is now fully welded in and sealed.  The inner rocker panels extend all the way back into the torque boxes.  
  Underneath the car, there are two modifications from the original hardtop.  Note the flange on the frame rail that extends into the floor pan for additional stiffness.  The convertible connecting plate between the two floor pans on either side of the transmission tunnel provides some of the lateral stiffness that came from the roof.
With the addition of the convertible pans and inner rockers, the weld here along the lower edge of the car becomes very thick, with four panels being welded together down the length of the car. Special care has to be taken to ensure good welds.  On this car, the welds were done from both top and bottom to guarantee quality and strength.

Shortly after these pictures were taken, the roof structure was removed.


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