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This site features

The 1957 Mercury Mermaid

One of the most unique cars ever made!

1957: Americans' love affair with the automobile was in full courtship. In the auto world, steel, chrome, and horsepower ruled! Auto racing was in full swing and manufacturers were engaged in an effort to out-do each other on the streets and the track. With it's unmistakable tailfin, the unique Mercury Mermaid was one of the fastest and most powerful race cars of the era.

Year 2000: The Mermaid rides again!

The Mermaid has returned! I've always liked the style of the late 50's Mercurys. When I learned about the origional '57 Mercury Mermaid race car that sported a 5 foot tail fin, I felt it was the kind of unique, head-turning car that just had to be rebuilt. After researching the original Mermaid race car, the project began. Thanks to the help of numerous automotive enthusiasts and restoration pros the awsome Mercury Mermaid is back. This is truely a one of a kind car that you won't see anywhere else!

Click through this site and learn more about the legendary Mercury Mermaid and see details of my latest/greatest restoration project. Numerous pictures outline what was required to recreate the spirit of this unique car.

Also, being a classic Ford/Mercury enthusiast I will post other unique Ford and Mercury related info on this site to share with others of like interests. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to e-mail me.