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428 Powerhouse - 500 HP?
Recounting the steps on my 428 buildup

Click for larger img.10 Years ago I was heavily into Thunderbirds and Galaxies -- and by extension, FE motors. These are great motors capable of big horse power. No doubt most of you visiting this site are familiar with them.

I've always wanted to build one up to maximum power, but the lack of time and commitments to other projects always kept it a 'future project'. Then, in 1987, I bought a "project" engine from a buddy of mine. I couldn't pass up a good deal, and, after all, I had a sneaking suspicion that someday it might find a home in a Cobra kit car or a Thunderbolt clone (you have to plan way ahead for these projects, right?). What I bought was a late 60's non-CJ 428 block and crank, CJ heads, intake and rods, and a Speed Pro engine kit for a 428 CJ.

This stuff sat around for a long time. At one point, I made an aborted trip to one engine builder as I vacillated on spending the money to put it together (that commitment to other projects thing again). More recently, however, I finally decided the time was right. I took all my parts to Riverside Automotive in Howard’s Grove WI and began making plans for a CJ spec motor with a power boost from some mild headwork, bigger cam, and careful machining and assembly.


How one thing leads to another