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Mercury Mermaid Racing - Y-Block Nationals and Shootout at National Trail Raceway, Columbus Ohio

I took the Mermaid to the Y-Block Nationals which ocurred over Labor Day. What a Blast! This is a great way to exchange information with other Y-blockers and racers. It's also a great way to test out the machinery and see "what she's got". And that's what I did. The car did pretty well. My driving got progressively better as time went on which gave me a good idea of what the car will do. She's in the 14's. With some tweaking I think I can get her in the 13's.

Here is an excerpt by Bob Martin from the Sept/Oct issues of Y-Block magazine (photo courtesy of Bob Martin):

...Royce Brechler, builder of many Y-Block machines and MEL "orphans", brought his '57 Mercury "Mermaid", a replica of the '57 Hot Rod Magazine Cover car, complete with 368" Lincoln fuel-injected Y-Block. With a few changes, he'll have that car in the low 14's. It's a land speed replica car, and with some gear changes, it will be in the 13's.