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Some of my other projects:
(Click on pictures for more detail)

1958 Mercury Monterey Super Marauder.

This is a true early muscle car as it is equipped with a 430 cu in engine sporting 400 factory hp, and 3 Holley carbs. The Super Marauder engine is rare. It could be ordered on any Mercury, Lincoln, or Thunderbird equipped with the 430 and included the carbs and intake, plus a gorgeous aluminum aircleaner. A few cars also had matching aluminum valve covers but mine does not.

The motor has been rebuilt and hopped a bit. It produced 412 hp and 509 ft lb of torque on a dyno. The 430 was the largest motor offered by any manufacturer in 58, and 400 the highest factory hp rating. This engine lived in Lincolns untill 1965 when it was increased to 462 cu in before being replaced in 1968 by the Ford 460.

My car is a basic sedan with 3spd transmission and 3:50 rear gears, and is rumored to have been a police pursuit car in Oklahoma. I redid the car in and out but not to strict stock specifications, I use it as a cruiser. (Click on pictures for more detail)

1963 Thunderbird M code Hardtop

The car is pretty ordinary for a T-Bird, crank windows, no air, vinyl seats. But my, what a rare engine! The M code is a 390 with a 3 2bbl Holley carburator set-up, plus all the chrome dress-up goodies. It was offered on Thunderbirds only in 62 and 63. In 63 less than 50 cars received this option, and most of them were sports roadsters. Probably less than ten hardtop cars received this engine.

The 390 was rated at 340 hp and 440 ft lb of torque. This is 40 hp more than the standard 390! In addition to the 3x2 "tri-power" set-up , the engine also has special heads and a different cam than the single 4bbl cars. After I rebuilt the motor I had it tuned on a dyno, and it made exactly it's factory ratings for horsepower and torque. The car has 41,000 original miles, and is completely restored. I am the 3rd owner. It was originally purchased from Jacobs Ford in Steven Point WI, and it was last titled in 1970 before I put it back on the road in Aug of 99.

1948 Ford F-1 Street Rod

This is a 10 yr. project that I have had on the road for 3 yrs. Now, before all you Ford truck gurus get incensed and start writing me, let me explain a little about this truck. I certainly know that has a 51-52 grill, but if you look closely from the cowl back, it is all 1948. I had a really nice 48 truck to start , but I hate the early grill so I swapped it out for a '51. Cool thing is that I can still get into the NSRA events cause it's titled as a 48.

As far as the motor goes, I started out wanting to install a Flathead in it, but then I acquired this really cool 3x2 aluminum manifold for a motor I never heard of at the time, and things changed. It now has a 67 462 Lincoln motor, 3 2-barrel carburation utilizing Rochester 2 G carbs. The motor is mildly hopped with headers, Jahns pistons, ported heads, Isky cam. The piece de resistance is the gorgeous 58 Mercury Super Marauder air cleaner. Further motivation duties are handled by a C-6 and narrowed 9in. rearend.

The rest of the chassis includes Volare front suspension with power disc brakes and power steering, 3 inch exhaust through flowmasters. The body is chopped three inches, and the bed widened 3 in. To maintain a clean look, I had a custom bed cover, tailgate, and rear pan made up. Driver amenities include; power remote doors, power windows & mirrors, a kick'n sound system as well as a/c. This is a very reliable, fun and often driven truck, although all those cubes make it very thirsty.

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