Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Americans and non-Americans alike, voice your opinion. Speak up! Write me, and tell me what you think. This mini clip was not made to make fun of President Bush. It was made for the same reason we laughed at President Reagan's forgetfulness. No, Alzheimers is not a laughing matter either, but we need to be able to laugh at ourselves, don't we? What all people should realize is that this is a common practice here in the United States and it is a strong leadership that can allow such silliness. It is a weak leadership that would stifle the creativity of it's citizens. I LOVE AMERICA !!!

I support our President 110%, and I believe the American public feels the same. In no way is this mini clip intended to belittle President Bush. It will be a sad day indeed, when we cannot afford to laugh at ourselves anymore, and especially because it might "look bad." What "looks bad" (and more than that, "feels bad") is to become a nation that hides in the dark from fear; closed mouthed, and afraid to say or do something wrong. So in response to the two negative comments received to date:
The dancing Bush will not be taken down because some terrorist who shall remain nameless has decided it is open season on AMERICA! We live, we love, we grow and prosper, and this web person believes it is in no small measure due to this part of our American heritage - our inherent ability to use humor as a coping mechanism. As Lennon and McCartney said, let's "Take a sad song and make it better." That's all I want to do folks.

Here is just one of the reasons why this web page will remain. An anonymous visitor writes: "I definitely voted for him and am still glad that I did so. This MailClip is absolutely hilarious. Have you ever laughed so hard that when you were done you felt like a great weight had been lifted off of your shoulders? That is the positive effect this mini clip had on me. Thanks. "

Now, for your assignment: If you feel so inclined, (and I hope you do) write me with your feelings on this subject. How do you intend carry on from here? How has your life changed since Sept. 11th? What would you like to tell the world? If outside the USA, where are you from and what is your opinion? If you decide to write, please use "My Thoughts" in the subject line, so I make sure to file it correctly. Thanks!

Come back often. I will post your responses because I think it's important for the world to know what we think, and if this page is being hit world wide, what an excellent opportunity we have!

Peace to you all, and now let's have some fun!



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