I hope you enjoyed your visit to my web page. My years of being a potter since 1948 have been a complete joy for me. I am thankful that I am still seeking new goals in my work. While my functional pots are the mainstay of my career, you are aware that I veer to other unusual firing processes to learn other methods such as primitive pit and smoke firings. Every firing brings a complete surprise when the ashes are washed away. I am also excited about throwing very large pots. I had a show at the Crooked Tree Art Center in 2004 with my giant tea sets, including cups. Another show at the Jordan River Art Center in November 2004 featured one of my very tall lamps in their Designer Rooms show filled with the art work of fifty of our area artists.

Current Production Stoneware

The Link section of this page contains the Vasefinder site where my work is shown and priced for sale in the Gallery section. This site is to record and show works of potters who have achieved some fame and of their contribution to the culture of our society by their work up to the 1960’s. Do pay this site a visit for a look into the past as well as current work by those artists who are still making pots. 


In the interest of passing my knowledge to other experienced potters, I have made a DVD about my process of throwing with slabs and coils. It shows a simplified process on how to make pots without having to center a ball of clay to achieve a plate, bowl and out-of-round vessels. For those potters who would like alternative ways of forming pots, and also for those who have less strength as they grow older, this method allows potters to continue working at their passion, even making new forms that could not be achieved by ordinary means. This one hour educational material is available in DVD format. Contact me by email to purchase.

I have also prepared a DVD on Beginning Processes which will take a new potter through the basic elements of learning how to throw on the potters wheel. This DVD runs about 110 minutes and covers clay preparation, centering, cylinder practice, throwing off the hump various small pots, pulling handles, throwing plates and many other simple forms to prepare you for throwing your own work. 

Bonnie Staffel   
Charlevoix, MI 49720

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