Four Door L76 Chevelle


1971 L76 Chevelle
4 Door
12 bolt 4 wheel Corvette disk brakes
6 speed T56 Magnum

The Car:  This car was bought brand new in 1971 by my grandmother (window sticker and all the paper work is still in the glove compartment).  It was beige, with a 350 2 barrel and a 2.55 open rear end.  She drove it for 16 years on the dirt back roads of Georgia as a social worker.  It was parked in a barn in Georgia in 1987 and my dad and I started it about once a year until it was brought to where I live in South Carolina in 1992.  Installed the 454 in 1992 and the L76 was installed in 2010.  The car has around 410,000 miles on it at this point, give or take 20,000 either way.  I put around 15,000 to 20,000 a year on it so by now who the hell knows what the actual mileage is.  Oh, as a point of interest, the car has been shot twice, once in the bumper and once just to the right of the rear glass.  Many years ago my Grandfather Greene shot at a couple of feral cats, missed them both but did manage to shoot his own car... twice.  Neither .38 round penetrated and I left them there each time I painted the car.  There is also a rumor that it was used to carry moonshine to Atlanta a few times but I am not so sure about that one...

Motor:  The motor is a L76 out of a 2008 Pontiac G8 with 8,000 miles.  I pulled the motor apart and installed a Livernois Stage 1 cam and removed the DoD parts.  I modified the wiring harness and installed the complete Edelbrock long tube headers and full exhaust.  As it is it should be around 500 to 525hp.

Transmission T56 Magnum with a LS7 clutch and a Tick master cylinder.  Getting the transmission in was a pain but it fit fine after I cut out most of the tranny tunnel.  The pedals were the real time killer.  Getting the clutch pedal to work right and the brake pedal to be the right height took forever.

Chassis:  Savitske Classic and Custom Street Comp Stage 2 plus kit which includes great fully adjustable upper control arms and tall upper and lower ball joints (Great pieces, totally eliminates bump steer and the car tracks like a dream).
12 Bolt rear end with 3.42 Yukon gears on a Eaton True Trak differential.
23 gallon Buick Roadmaster fuel tank, American Racing wheels with Kohmo 255/50/17's, Rubber bushings in the rear upper control arms and boxed lower control arms, poly frame spacers, braided steel brake lines.  Front and rear sway bars.

Shocks:  Bilstein fronts because I got tired of fixing my POS Varishocks.  Bilstein shocks in the rear.

Brakes:  C6 front brakes with Hawk HPS pads.  18" Boss 338 wheels with 255/45/18 tires all rhe way around.  Rear brakes are LS1 disk.  Master cylinder is a 1" from a 1970 manual Corvette.

Heat and Air:  Frankenstein A/C with a modified expansion valve I tweaked to run 134a properly, parallel flow condenser with custom lines.  I installed a switch to control the LY6 compressor so I can shut it off when it begins to freeze my ass off while still circulating cool air.  Blocked the outside air door because it kept breaking and it only sucked in hot air with the hood I am running.  Want fresh air?  Roll down the window.  Cut up my blower fan shroud and installed a larger blower fan.

Misc:  Interior parts out of about 12 cars.  Front seats are power leather GTO seat.  Rear are bucket style leather GTO seats.  Front and rear seatbelts are from the 2005 GTO also. Sun visors from a Lincoln, power door locks and window lifts custom made from parts from another Mazda 626.  Power window switch is from a Toyota Corolla.  Headliner, door panels and center console all done by myself with my crappy excuse of sewing abilitiy.  XM Radio.  Norgskog Digital Dash takes care of my speedo, tach, fuel, oil, water, turn signals and highbeam.  With the fuel injection, electronic tranny and everything else I joke that it has more electronics than the families 2004 Sienna minivan.