The Burch Gallery

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Iris, 1999, 4'X4', oil on canvas

This is one of my favorite paintings. Last year, it won first place in painting at the Black Walnut Festival in Spencer, WV. I painted this just as I was coming out of a really hard time in my life. This painting represents new beginnings, and starting over. It is really huge, and just sort of lights up a room when it is hanging on a wall.

myrtle beach new year
Myrtle Beach New Year, 2000, 3'X2', oil on canvas

This is a painting of the Myrtle Beach sunset right before New Year's, 2000. The cool thing about this painting is that I did not use any paintbrushes. All the painting was done by smooshing paint around with a palette knife, which is sort of like a little spatula.  It was very fast and fun, and the texture of the canvas is very interesting.:

the robey theater
After The Show, 2001, 2'X3', oil on canvas

This is a painting of the sun setting behind the Robey Theater in Spencer, WV. The Robey is a little, 1-screen movie theater, and is said to be the oldest, continuously-operating movie theater in the United States. It is owned and operated by my father-in-law, Mike Burch, so we spend a lot of time there. It's a pretty inside -- full of antique furnishings from the early 1900s. I painted this picture from a snapshot I took after catching a movie with my husband. Our friend, Rodney, was waiting outside for his ride home, after working in the theater all evening. This was a tricky painting to do because there are 2 main light sources -- the sunset and the marquee. It was difficult to get the shadows just right.

Coming soon: A painting based on this photo:

my picture
Train Bridge, Hawk's Nest State Park

Keep checking back to watch my progress on this painting.