Kandinsky Collaboration

Black and Violet Wasily Kandinsky, 1923


The artist Wasily Kandinsky is one of my favorites! He used a lot of bright colors, unusual shapes, and bold lines to make his artwork grab your eye. His work is usually non-objective, meaning that you don't recognize people or things, only shapes, colors, and lines.


Non-objective -- artwork that isn't a picture of anything in particular, only a collection of shapes, lines, and colors.
Collaboration -- a work of art that is made when several artists work together to create something.


You need:

A student work

Here's what you do:

1. Arrange seats so that everyone is sitting in a big circle or rectangle. (In a huge class, I make 2 groups.)
2. Give each student a thick and thin black marker and a piece of paper. Ask student to write his or her name on the back of the paper.
3. Explain that you will give a command, wait for students to complete task, and then students will shift papers to the left, 1 person. You will repeat until all papers get back to the original person. By then, each person in the group will have added something to the piece.
4. Begin. Ask students to complete the first command on their own paper. These are the prompts I like to use:

5. Repeat until papers are back with original artist.
6. When each student has his/her own paper back, allow them to add one more element to complete the picture. Then ask them to color the shapes as they see fit.
7.Picture is finished when it is completely colored, neat and balanced.

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