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Butterfly Bike from the Burning Man Festival, 2000

Sometimes, we will use computers to find information on the Internet to use in class.  Here are the links we will use in class, plus a few other interesting links I've chosen.  When we use the Internet in class, come to this page to find the link you need.  (Might want to jot down the URL address  in the back of your notebook.)

A. Pintura, Art Detective -- Can you solve an art theft case?
Art History 101 -- A simple crash-course in Art History
Art History Teacher on the Net -- How to look at art
Art History Timeline with links to examples of artworks.
Art History -- Why Should We Care? -- Why should we study art history?
Art Safari -- Take an art safari at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York
Blue Man Group -- They're blue.  But they're not sad. And they're not smurfs, either... just go look for yourself.
Dig -- learn about ancient art history
Eyes On Art -- activities in art appreciation
How Does Art Tell Stories? -- Learn about expression in this fun game
Inside Art -- Game for art appreciation
Sanford -- has a great website with a lot of lessons and activities.
STOMP-- performance artists who use everyday objects to create music.
Seattle Art Museum -- Tour a great museum and find some activities to do
Webmuseum -- Links to art images and info about master artists
Who Wants To Be An Art Historian?  -- Art Trivia Game
Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling? -- Find several theories here.
Valerie Cole's Egyptian Website -- Translate your name into heiroglyphs, tour the Valley of the Kings, Raid the Mummy's tomb for gold, and much, much more!!!  

Local Art

The Clay Center -- NOW OPEN!!!
The Callen McJunkin Gallery, a local gallery that often features work by
Charles Jupiter Hamilton, one of my favorite artists!
Taylor Books -- home of the Annex Gallery (and some great books and coffee, too!)
The Blossom Deli -- a gorgeous example of Art Deco architecture.
Jeff Fetty -- local blacksmith and artist from my hometown of Spencer, WV.

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