Mirror Image

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By definition, a mirror image is symmetrical, meaning that it is the same on both sides, or is symmetrically balanced. Symmetrical balance is also referred to in the art world as "formal balance" because it is the type of balance often used in portraits and paintings of important places.

The mirror images we're going to make today are NOT exactly the same on both sides. In fact, one image is going to be a photo negative of the other. Where the positive shapes are black and the negative shapes white on one side, they're going to be the exact opposite on the other.

Positive shape -- the shape that makes up the subject of the picture
Negative shape -- the background of the picture
Symmetrical balance -- when a picture is the same on both sides of the center

You need:


Here's what you do:

1. Draw a design on the black construction paper with your pencil. (It will show up. If you have trouble seeing it, try using white color pencil) Your design needs to consist of a lot of shapes. Line drawings won't work.
2. Cut shapes out, keeping the leftover black paper in one piece. (To cut shapes out, poke a hole along the edge of the shape and cut out, carefully.)
3. Glue shapes to the left side of the drawing paper, just as they were in your original design.
4. Flip the leftover paper backwards and glue it to the right side of the drawing paper.
5. Don't forget to sign your artwork and clean up your scraps! Wipe any glue off table with wet rag.

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