Monochromatic Paintings

Monochromatic Tempera Paintings


These monochromatic paintings teach about the Element of Value.

Value -- The Lightness or Darkness of a Color
Tints -- one color mixed with white
Shade-- One color mixed with black
Motif -- repeated shape or design in a work of art.
Negative space -- the background of the picture, behind your designs
Ratio -- amount of one thing compared to the amount of another


You need:


Here's what you do:

1. Choose a shape to be your motif. Draw that motif at least 8 times in different sizes all over the paper. Try to keep the picture balanced (don't have big empty spaces or more things on one side than on the other.)
2. Paint the negative space with the colored paint, straight out of the bottle. (Do not mix it with black or white.)
3. In your egg carton, mix 4 tints of your original color. Do all your mixing in the egg carton so you don't mess up your original color, because you will need the rest for your shades. You will need to mix 4 different tints, so each tint will have to have a different ratio of white to color. In other words, a 1:1 mix would yield a pretty medium shade of your color. Mixing 3 parts white to 1 part color, or 3:1, would yield a very light color. You will need 4 tints that look very different. No two should be the same.
4. Repeat with only black and your color, making 4 different shades. Be sure to wash your paintbrush very well before mixing your shades because you do not want to mix black and white into your color. You will need to create 4 different shades. No two should be the same.
5. Paint 4 shapes using your tints, WASH YOUR BRUSH, and then paint 4 shapes using your shades. Go slowly and paint neatly!
6. If you have more than 8 shapes, you might have to repeat a tint or shade. That's OK.
7. Allow to dry completely. Don't forget to sign your work!

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