Teachers and Parents

As I put together this web site, I often find things I would like to share with other parents and teachers. Right now, this page is sort of a hot list, but I hope to organize it as I find more things to put here.

Organizing Yourself

I find that with 3 kids, a long commute, a recent move, and a full-time job, the biggest challenge for me is simply keeping myself organized. Here are some resources I've found to be helpful:
Fly Lady has a lot of great tips on getting yourself motivated and organized.  I've only been following her program for a short time, but I've found it much easier to keep it all together and my sanity intact! She also has some great ideas for classrooms and homeschools!
I also love Pearl River for inexpensive gifts and things for home. Hey, you have to simplify your shopping, too, right?
I really love Real Simple magazine for all its tips, ideas, and stories about keeping life simple and easy.

Classroom Management and Lesson Plans

• One of my favorite teachers was able to keep her classroom in order and the kids working without being a total monster. I always thought she had some sort of Jedi mind-tricks going on, but she simply had her act together. In my quest to find my own "Jedi Mind Tricks", I've found some useful stuff:
•I use LiveJournal to keep my lesson plans up to date. This is great because students, parents, and administrators can check my lesson plans at any time. It cuts down on questions like, "Did I miss anything when I was absent yesterday?" I just point to the computer and the kids know where to find their makeup work.
Gary Philips has a lot of really great information on his website about working with difficult students. I would love to attend one of his workshops or classes someday. I love his Newsletter, which is full of insightful and useful ideas.
•Here are the new Art CSOs (used to be IGOs.) I visit them online when I need to instead of digging through a clunky binder. (Saves time.) You can find other WV CSOs at The WVDE Website.
•Kanawha County Teachers: you can check your email anywhere at this site.
Kanawha County Schools Website
•It pays to join a teachers' union, like AFT. They often provide great seminars and sometimes even classes for graduate credit that help. I recently took the class, "Managing Anti-Social Behavior in the Classroom" taught by Cynthia Phillips, and it was a lot of help.
•I found some great art lesson plans at Kinderart. There are also some great printable goodies and a newsletter for lesson plans sent directly to your email!


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