Good Old Fashioned Checkers


At this time, the software is set up for two players to play. The game is played the “standard” way. When you’re presented with a jump you have to take it. If you jump and make your piece a King, it’s the other player’s turn.


To play a new game select Game… from the menu then Begin. When the mouse is over a piece that can be moved, it’s highlighted. See the screen shot below.


One of these days I'll add “smarts” to the code so that one person can play the computer. That is, one of the players is the computer. To do so requires, recursion and hashing to save/recall already calculated board positions. When I’m finished, I’ll update the game and source code. This project was done using Visual Basic.


To download the game executable click here. Checkers.

To view some of the source code click here. Source Code.