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Slime Volleyball

Players 1
The creator is still unknown, but this game was discovered on the internet by Clive Gout, an Australian Computer Science student, who sent it to all of his peers over his University Intranet. The physics of the game are a little ‘dodgy,’ but its simple gameplay made it instantly addictive.

Slime Volleyball
(Quin Pendragon)

Players 2
Quin Pendragon, a ‘first year’ at the time, was a receipient of Gout’s Mail , he set about writing a two player version with improved physics and graphics. Quin's Game is a big success and he becomes a hero amongst the students at the UWA

Slime Volleyball: Flying Slime
(Quin Pendragon, Zaino)

Players 2
This game has the dubious honour of being the first ever ‘Slime Mod.’ The physics of the ball are exactly the same, but now you play with more evolved Slime who have the ability of flight.

Slime Volleyball: OneSlime
(Quin Pendragon, Daniel Wedge)

Players 1
OneSlime is a one-player version of Slime Volleyball. A development on Quin’s code by Daniel Wedge, the player has to pit their wits against a series of ever-more-cunning Slime AIs.

Slime Volleyball: Power Slime
(Quin Pendragon, Tim Lightfoot)

Players 1 or 2
Tim Lightfoot added a whole new dimension, he decided that Slime Volleyball needed another way players could outwit opponents. The newly evolved Slime have psychic powers and can perform special moves.

Slime Volleyball : All-Star Edition
(Quin Pendragon, Brian Pegram, Eddie Rabenda, Chris Jochem, Brad Neish)

Players 4
The most manic version of Slime Volleyball, it follows the usual rules, but now four human controlled Slime play in pairs against each other. Developed by the ‘Slime Sports Team’ (Pegram, Rabenda, Jochem & Neish)

Cricket Slime
(Quin Pendragon,Daniel Wedge,Scott Brown,Damien Versaci,Tim Hayward)

Players 2
The game that paved the way for other non-volleyball slime, Cricket Slime is the first Spin-Off of Slime Volleyball.

World Cup Soccer Slime
(Quin Pendragon)

Players 1 or 2
About as close to Soccer as the original Slime was to volleyball, this game was completed in very short time. Within hours of the game being posted, traffic filters recorded a hit per minute.

Slime Dunk Basketball
(Quin Pendragon, Brian Pegram, Eddie Rabenda, Chris Jochem, Brad Neish)

Players 1 or 2
Another production from the 'Slime Sports Team'

Slime Bowling
(Quin Pendragon, Mohamed Seyham, Jason Lee)

Players 1 or 2
An example of the fans making their own 'Slime Mods'.

And keeping the score is the ever-delightlful Ms.Slime
(Shes Available lads!!)

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