VW Ragtop


1963 Volkswagen Ragtop

Here's your chance to get into a rare, and highly sought after, 1963 Volkswagen Ragtop . This Bug shows lots of character and is always a crowd-pleaser. It features new paint, new interior, and even a new ragtop!

The "Tommy Bahama" color combo is quite stunning, and it looks great. Lowered stance adds even more appeal. It is not a perfect, showcar specimen, but a unique driver, whose past owners have been VW enthusiasts.

That classic, lowered stance was made popular back in the days of Gidget and 25 cent gas. Itís a cool, California look that has been recently revived, and now looks better than ever!

Sure, the new "Bug" is back, but is it really? Wouldnít it be more unique to own an authentic, German-produced example where the engine is actually in the rear of the car? This 1963 VW Bug is a true collectible that can be enjoyed daily, appreciate in value, and always being in demand. Not a bad set up.

Tooling around leisurely in the country or darting through a busy cosmopolitan suburb in a vintage VW Bug truly enhances the driving experience. It's pure fun and excitement for both driver and passengers. COOOOOL, man.


Interior has been completely refurbished - seats, carpeting, door panels, headliner. Everything looks great and is nice ín clean. Expensive "banjo" steering wheel defines cool, as does the period bamboo rack.

Old Sapphire 6-volt radio currently doesnít operate; neither do the windshield wipers, although I believe itís a faulty switch. Electrical system has been converted to 12-volt.


The Ragtop definitely makes this VW stand out among other Bugs. I like it even more than a convertible. Itís typical European. The vinyl material is new, and the mechanism opens & closes easily. Itís a nice, airy feeling with the windows down and the roof open. Very neat.

The Sea Foam Green finish was recently repainted to a nice, driver standard. As you can see by the photos, the paint is shiny, and the body is straight. Sure, there are a few minor imperfections here and there, but nothing to worry about. Steel rims should be repainted down the road, as there are some wear marks and chips. Rear deck lid needs an adjustment. Body panels appear good - no rust or corrosion. Pans are solid, with only a few minor flaws typical to many old Bugs; nothing to lose sleep over.

The color combination is classic and shows the VWís curves quite nicely. Itís a very sharp looking car, indeed!


The difference between other European cars of the era and the Volkswagen Beetle lies right here. None of them beat the sheer simplicity, reliability and near zero cost of upkeep as the tried and true VW engine. This Bug has been well-maintained and is all set to go. The previous owner used this car as his daily driver, even though he had two Porsches in the garage! With proper care and maintenance, this classic "Vee Dub" should last a long time for future enjoyment.

Even in this economy, prices for collectible European vehicles are on the rise, especially if theyíre from the glory days of the 1960s, like this classic 1963 VW. It still retains that "groovy" feeling everybody loves. Itís a sure bet. These early production Bugs are highly sought after because of their famed pedigree, solid reputation, and adorable charm. The rarity of the Ragtop on this particular VW is an added bonus.

This VW can be enjoyed right away as a great weekend (or daily) driver by the enthusiast whoís always wanted to own a Ragtop, or sold theirs years ago and has regretted it ever since.

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