1961 VW Beetle

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I t’s no mistake that the Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most loved and recognized cars on the planet. They’ve stood the test of time, and have established themselves as an icon of practicality. Nowadays, owning a classic Bug is cool and a symbol of one’s laid-back and casual lifestyle.

With the influx of new, modern Beetles striving for the retro look made famous by VW, original Bugs are once again chic, trendy, and gaining the recognition they deserve. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that they are economical and get great gas mileage.

Early Beetles, such as this 1961 example, are the purest of the breed, with all the inherent, primitive styling cues and features VW aficionados admire. These "Bugs" are well-crafted, stylish, reliable, and offer great investment potential. Original, German-made VWs will surely rise in demand as the years go on.

Will the next owner of this well-preserved 1961 Volkswagen Beetle be you?

For any car to exist after nearly 50 years is amazing, but for this VW Bug, it has been a love affair from the beginning. It’s quite unique because this "Bug" was purchased new in the small Central Coast community of San Luis Obispo, California, and it’s here that it has remained for nearly five decades.

This rare Beetle has had only one owner for the duration of its life, till I took ownership a few years back. It hasn't been modified in any way and is bone stock, with the exception of paint, which was applied many years ago, in the factory turquoise color. It features original glass, Hella lights, small snowflake tail lights, and the coveted wooden roof rack. This gem is a true time capsule VW, that the serious Volkswagen enthusiast will appreciate. No customizations or low-riders here. It runs and drives great, and offers all the patina and nostalgia one could hope for.

The VW has always been properly looked after, garaged, and serviced. Used primarily as a fun driver for getting around its small community, this Bug possesses various attributes that are prized by many a car collector. Such qualities include:

** Desirable model and year
** Only two owners since new
** Garage kept
** Factory color
** Original 6-volt electrics
** Low mileage
** No Rust - original California car

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Included are the original owner's manual, in addition to a detailed, hand-written log book the long-time owner kept for his beloved Bug.

The VIN of this early '61 Beetle is: 3825805 for all you aficionados.

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The unmistakable European styling of the Volkswagen Beetle has aged gracefully. The lines are simple, timeless, and familiar. This VW is from a time when car manufacturers maintained their own identity and innovations, not "copying" each other with the same overused design cues as shown in today’s vehicles.

Tooling leisurely in the country or darting through a busy suburb in a vintage VW Bug truly enhances the driving experience. It's pure fun and excitement. Grooovy, man.

This Bug is an honest example that shows lots of character and is always a crowd-pleaser. It was never a project "brought back to life" from some relic that sat for years. No, this car has always been driven, maintained, and loved!

Upon seeing the Bug’s simple, yet cozy interior, you’ll notice everything is in crisp condition. The metal painted dash and chrome gauge definitely look the part on this vintage ‘60s design. Speaking of paint...the fabulous finish of the dash is factory VW issue and has never been tampered with.

Simplicity at its best! No navigation systems, power windows, computers, A/C, or other "modern conveniences." Electrical components: lights, signals, odometer, speedometer, wipers, are all in proper working condition. Stock radio and horn are non-op.

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Interior is in very nice stock condition. Driver’s seat sags a little, but isn’t torn; passenger and rear bench are also original and look to have been used sparingly.

Rubber mats and thick pile carpeting are original issue and show signs of use from 50 years.

Glass and windows are in fine shape, with no cracks or pits to report. The light factory tint is even evident. Door panels and headliner are in nice condition as well. Panels and dash feature original knobs and handles.


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Here’s some neat period "accessories" the previous owner added to customize the Bug to his needs:

.................. .................

**Old style tachometer with a maximum reading of 5K RPM
**Oil temperature gauge for the motor
**'61 Bugs are without a fuel gauge, so a manual counter was installed as a reminder of when to "fill up"

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**Door jambs have never been touched; feature factory paint & rubber grommets
**Original cardboard glovebox liner is xlnt
**Factory paint gleams even under dash
The "Turquoise" finish is the Beetle’s factory color, and was repainted many years ago. The paint is thick and will shine up; the body is straight. Doors all close solid. To my knowledge, the Bug has never been in any accidents. Also, there are no rust or corrosion spots on the body. Amazing!

Naturally, there are some imperfections here and there, such as minor scratches/dings and some scuff marks. Most notably, on the passenger side fenders, there is some discoloration where a fading/contrast can be seen. Rubber moldings are old and brittle. Chrome is good, considering its age, and still shines brightly.

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This VW has been a California resident all its life, and hasn’t been exposed to damaging climates. As a result, the car is solid and dry. No wonder it looks so original!


Early windshields on '61s were curved inward, not just "flat" as on later models.
Ya gotta have it - nice metal roof rack with wood slats is totally cool and definitely completes the picture.

It's the little details that set this vintage Beetle apart from the scores of "modified" Bugs with chrome Porsche wheels, tinted glass, lowered stance, etc. Remember, a car is original only once!

.................. .................

**HELLA signal lense on top of fenders
**6-Volt driving lamp housed behind original "Made in Germany" glass lense with embossed "W"
**Hard to find snowflake tail light made by HELLA

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Sure, the new Bug is "back," but is it really? Wouldn’t it be more authentic to own a German-produced example where the engine is actually in the rear of the car?

Nothing beats the sheer simplicity, reliability and near zero cost of upkeep as the tried and true VW engine. This one's totally stock and is "numbers matching" to the car. With proper care and maintenance, this classic "Vee Dub" should last a long time for future enjoyment.

The best part: awesome mpg! A sigh of relief now that prices will start to creep up for the summer. Here’s a cute car that sips gas and is something you can actually take out and enjoy without being terrified to fill up. It is after all a Volkswagen, where the terms economical and practical go hand in hand.

Stock engine runs very nicely. Still a 6-volt system, it starts right up, and idles nice ’n steady. Typical to VWs, it leaks a little bit of oil. Motor compartment still has the factory air-cleaner and insulation.

The Bug is easy to drive and makes for a fun in-town commuter. Transmission is good, but 2nd gear synchro is a bit temperamental and sometimes requires a little "finesse" when engaging that gear. Other than that, all gears operate fine, and there’s no popping out or other maladies. Brakes, steering, etc. are all fine. Interstate battery is brand-new.

.................. .................
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**Motor compartment insulation and painted clips are very intact and look factory-fresh
**Ditto for right side
**Engine in this VW Bug is a Numbers Matching unit

Upon opening the trunk, you’ll notice all necessary components are intact and in good condition: original cardboard liner, factory decals, windshield washer reservoir, even the tire jack.

.................. .................

**Color-matching rim completes the set and is mounted to very skinny original-style spare
**Nothing says more pride of ownership than your very own embossed VW gas cap
**Rare Wolfsburg crest adorns front hood

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.................. .................

Down in the nooks and crannies of the trunk, everything is in good standing. There is no rotting through in the bottom sills and the vulnerable front nose section appears to have a clean bill of health.

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When investigating the underside of any classic VW, escpecially one that's nearly 50 years old, you never know what to expect. Most of the time there’s rust, corrosion, or other blemishes. Because this car has been garaged, and in a dry California climate, everything is in stellar condition, even the vulnerable battery area.

The distinct roar of the exhaust...the familiar look of a European milestone design...the solid craftsmanship of a true German engineered motorcar...all these tickle the senses and add to the pride of VW ownership.

A classic Volkswagen Beetle represents a good value and opportunity in the world of collectible automobiles. Don't settle for less and purchase a fixer-upper you think can be restored on weekends. It won't work. It'll just end up being a project that sits in the driveway for years! Not this one though. It’s a turnkey car you can start enjoying right away.

This VW is not perfect, but it oozes originality and a patina that‘s hard to find. It's a great driver for someone who’s always wanted to own a classic Bug, or sold theirs years ago and now wants the magic back.

This tangible investment is safer than the stock market and is something that can be enjoyed, now and in the future. Why not mix business with pleasure?

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