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“As much as we pray to be, as much as we hope, as much as we work on ourselves, on the inside, we remain not simple. We are on a voyage, and the moment we experience ourselves we know we are on the way. We find ourselves, not like those that are staying, but like those that are taking their leave.”

Cesar Baray, whose parents migrated to Los Angeles from Chihuahua and Madera Mexico in the 1920s, is a first generation Mexican-American. A mathematician by education and a computer programmer/sales person by profession, Cesar has recently (and happily) become a member of the senior citizen community – a change which has allowed him to finally dedicate his time to pursuing his lifelong passion of self-expression through art. After years of collecting and restoring pieces of art for his family, Cesar is now focused on creating it – he received his formal training at the Brentwood Art School, Santa Monica College, and at UCLA.

Much of Baray’s current work, some of it reflecting his Mexican heritage, has been created using Diane Hajnal's unique methodology called “The Art of Inner Expression.” Cesar met Diane by a fortuitous act of fate when his dogs caused a stir in front of her house. Diane, a neighbor and dog lover, came out to see what all the commotion was. The connection between the two was immediate, and she invited him in to see her work. Cesar instantly became one of Diane’s pupils and has since strived to master her techniques of expressionism.

Forgoing reliance on imitation, recreation, or preconceived notions as to what the final piece will be, Cesar approaches his works in a state of mindlessness. He does not consciously think, contemplate, or imagine during the process. Instead, by removing these limitations of the conscious mind, his process is spontaneous and pure -- allowing the final rendering to be the ultimate expression of his inner Self.

Diane's method allows one to take the Self (one's inner-being), bring it forth, and present it with all of its pure emotion, power, and mysticism. Each work is another intimate look at his self, another dream, another facet of his subconscious.

With the exception of five years spent in the service of the U.S., Cesar has lived life within the greater Los Angeles area. Today he shares a home near Malibu with Sarah and their two 5-year old rescue pups, Luke and Madeline. His daughter and two sons, along with his grandson Salvador, have made their homes in Northern California.