Starfleet Intelligence Zarnac Operations Division

Greetings. I am Commander Drakt, Son of the Thirty-First House. As the first Zarnac in Starfleet, it is my honor and privilege to be your guide through the section of the Starfleet LCARS database dedicated to my species.

In this area, you will be able to find out the rich history of my people, from their formative years as the warrior caste of the I'car-saluuman race to the modern age of Empire. You will also be able to read about the Forty-ninth House, which lived in exile on Deridous IV for over fifty years until the untimely destruction of that planet in 2383. (All this provided you have the proper security clearance.)

I trust you will find this area informative and enlightening. And, just possibly, find yourself a little better off from the experience.

To begin your journey into Zarnac history, please navigate using the hyperlinks below.


Basic Zarnac Species Information

Before the Founding of Zarn

Early Zarnac History: City States and the First Empire

The Rise and Fall of the First Zarnac Republic

The Post-Republic Era

Zarnac Governmental Structure

Zarnac Military Structure

Zarnac Military Rank Structure

Zarnac Military Weapons

Governments Neighboring the Zarnac Empire

A Brief History of the Forty-ninth House

Prominent Members of the Forty-ninth House

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