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The Luger Sailboat Mooring at is the reference website for Luger Boats.  Originally created in 1999 as a personal homepage to find other Luger owners, the website has evolved to include an extensive resource of photographs and diagrams, catalog descriptions & specifications, original articles, and many other useful links.

Luger Industries, Inc. began selling wooden kit boats in 1952, pioneered the all-fiberglass kit boat market in 1959, and was soon considered "The World's Largest Manufacturer of Kit Boats".  Luger Boats closed for business in 1987, after 35 successful years in the marine industry.

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The 1987 Luger Catalog is still available.  The 48-page catalogs are in the original printer's box. Only $8 each (or, 2 for $14) ...and that includes postage!  Use one catalog as a "working" copy for the workshop, and keep the other on the coffee table. 

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Quick-Link Index for 1987's catalog text, diagrams & photos:

Leeward    -   Seabreeze    -    Southwind      Tradewinds    -    Fairwinds    -    Voyager
16                  16                   21                    26                   27                 30

Links for abbreviated descriptions and photos of other Luger sailboats:

Pram 8     Optimist 8     Zephyr 11     Seagull 12     Surfrider 12     Flying Cloud 14     Spindrift 14     Zephyr 15     Scamper 15     Windward 16     

Westwind 20     Windward 20     Southwind 20     Windsong 22     Seawind 24     Trade Winds 26     West Wind 26     Adventurer 30

The Luger Sailboat Mooring Index

  Special Features & Articles

         Classifieds - The place for Luger items
Items For Sale   and    Items Wanted

         Concept: The Luger Concept
         The Luger brothers' marketing ideas and signature features
         were built into each boat, including the trailerability of ALL
         Luger boats and their roller reefing boom.

         Confusion about Model Names
         Clear up some questions about some Luger models that
         experienced name and design changes over the years.

         Frequently Asked Questions:  Before posting a question on
         the message board, save yourself time and check FAQs. 

Flotation Installation
         Don't guess - be sure!  Luger catalogs and assembly plans
         provided formulas and installation instructions for their boats. 

Hails, Sails & Tales - Owner Stories
         Shared memories, trivia and lots of fun Luger facts. 

History of Luger Boats
         An original article about Ren and Orm Luger, the two brothers
         that started Luger Industries, Inc.  Interviews provided the
         story behind their successful marine-based company.

The Leeward Files   

Centerboard Systems   
             Three centerboard systems are compared.

Rigging Options
             Luger recommended different mainsheet  rigging options.
             The pros and cons of each are explored.

Tips for the Novice
             Helpful hints for the new Leeward owner.

         Look-a-Likes of Luger
         Original article about the shifts in boat design with the advent
         of the fiberglass mold process.

Mainsheet Rigging Options - Leeward
         Luger recommended different mainsheet rigging options for
         their 16' sloop.  The pros and cons of each are explored.

         Use of Luger's Mast Raising/Lowering System allows even a
         30' Voyager to be stepped by one person.   

         The Sailboats of Luger
         A  comprehensive list of every sailboat produced by Luger
         Boats.  Each is described with specifications and a photo. 

   Luger Owner Homepages
      Homepage Link Index
      Visit websites created by Luger owners

      Additional Nautical Sites

      Antique & Classic Boat Society
      To protect the heritage of boating

Cousteau Society
      A legacy of helping to save our water planet.

      Luger History - ACBS Article
      "Luger Industries- A Minnesota Legend"

      Trailer Sailor Website
      An online resource for the small boat sailor.

Trailer/ Sailors Association
      Non-profit organization for trailerable boats.

   OEM & Aftermarket Suppliers

      Marine Products & Equipment
      For replacement or upgraded equipment. 

Sail Lofts & Suppliers
      New and used sail suppliers and manufacturers.

Marine Salvage             
      Links for used parts or replacement pieces.

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