The following is a short story written by the main character in "Sandy's Castle." Sandy, a middle-aged bachelor, is an unassuming man often overlooked and usually taken for granted. He carries one burden that sets him apart from most people. It is a deep, abiding commitment to pray for Christian missionaries and their ministry around the world.

With a heart that burned after hearing his  first short-wave radio broadcast of a missionary reporting to the home office through to today's faxes and emails, Sandy has battled the evil one on their behalf. Through out those years he has gathered stories; many of victories, some set backs, but each a story of vision seeing God at work on the field each missionary serves.

This story will not be published in the book "Sandy's Castle." It is offered now as an opportunity to meet the heart of one who is willing to go to battle on behalf of those who serve in his stead. The story gives us insight into his faith, his obedience and, increasingly, his desire to have another help him in this work.                         CRS - 02/08/06



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The Knight of Red Castle

by Todd "Sandy" Peters

as told to Charles R. Schaal



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