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NEWS UPDATE (12 October 07): DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox moving to

DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox is an MP3 and OGG Vorbis player, designed for use in DOS or Windows based MAME cabinets or as a standalone home jukebox. It is designed to operate as a true jukebox, and not a media player. It is a complete jukebox construction set which can be completely re-skinned and controlled via keyboard, keyboard encoder, gamepad, mouse, or touchscreen.

Why another jukebox?

I wanted a jukebox function for my own MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) cabinet (in fact, having it available as a jukebox was one of the conditions for bringing it into the house!). Thus, I went searching for a jukebox program. I wanted it to look and play like an actual classic jukebox. Since my cabinet didn't have a usable pointing device (well, it had a trackball, but none of the buttons were mapped to a trackball button and the axes were reversed), it had to be usable from the keyboard, and that had to be configurable. And, of course, it had to support DOS, because that's what my cabinet was based on at the time.

I didn't find one suited to my needs that would run on a DOS cabinet, so I wrote one. Other MAME cabinet builders saw it and asked for a copy, and thus DOSCab Jukebox has taken on life as a project of its own. It wasn't long before the cabinet was converted to use Windows; thus, WinCab Jukebox was born.

There certainly are many other jukebox programs which are excellent; each has its own strengths and weaknesses. If DOSCab or WinCab are not right for you, please take a look at one of these other fine programs.

Why continue to support DOS?

One of the last useful uses of DOS is as an operating system for embedded applications such as a MAME cabinet or a dedicated jukebox. DOS loads quickly, is stable, and is supported by MAME.  It does not multitask, which is a benefit in an emulation environment where every machine cycle counts. It also will run on much less hardware.

However, DOS was long out of fashion by the time the MP3 format rose to prominence.  Thus, there are few DOS-based MP3 players, and those that do exist are either command-lne based or try to act as media players, not jukeboxes.

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Update (12 October 07): DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox moving to


Yes, after almost 6 years DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox gets its own domain, and a new name! The name DOSCab made sense when the program was released, as it only worked on DOS and I wanted the name to scream that out so the DOS users could find it. With the addition of WinCab, however, the name is an ugly mess as DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox, so I will generally refer to the whole package now as DWJukebox.

The new site is WordPress-based, which means that you'll be able to comment on news items or the development blog, or even individual skins. The new site isn't completely ready; in particular I don't have the skin gallery up yet, and the look of the site is still being tweaked. But in the meantime, you're welcome to go take a peek.

Update (29 August 07): DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.4 Released (Download)

Changes for this version are:

Update (29 August 07): DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.4 Coming Soon

Yes, DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox is still alive!

I'm nearing a release point for 3.1.4 but I haven't had a lot of opportunity to test it yet; also I need to do a lot of work on the docs and clean up the skin files and such. But for the adventurous, I have a beta release available that just contains the WinCab executable and new docs, including a Windows help file (jukedocs.chm).

Changes so far for this version are listed in the revision history.

If you have needed any of these changes, please give it a shot and let me know if there are any big issues.   The whole selector system had to be rewritten to accomodate the ability to skip letters/numbers, so it will benefit from anyone who has a chance to look at it.  I'm also interersted in feedback on the CHM docs, although they're still two-thirds empty.

For those who don't want to download but do want to browse the new docs, you can take a look at them online. Again, there are big gaping holes in them, mostly long lists of settings with no actual explanation, but hey, it's a start. (Yes, plain text docs are still available for DOSCab users.)

Again, this beta release only includes a new executable and docs, so you'll need to unZip it over the top of a 3.1.3 installation.

Thank you for any feedback, bug reports, comments, or suggestions you may have on this beta release!

Update (9 January 07): DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.3 Released

This release fixes a number of newer features that had some small bugs in them: CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keys can once again be mapped as controls, and problems with UseTrackZero were fixed for classic style skins. Track handling for large albums has also been improved; no longer will a small chunk of an album appear as being by a different artist, and if only one or two tracks would remain on a split album, the tracks will now be divided more evenly.

An additional command button, BTN_PLAYSTIMULATOR, has also been added to toggle the play stimulator function on and off, and MSG_PLAYSTIMULATOR was added to indicate the status of the play stimulator. Cursor movements for rotated orientations now move in the proper direction; before they always moved relative to the physical screen and not the virtual one (mouse movements are still relative to the physical screen, though). Play counts no longer increment for songs selected by the radio mode or play stimulator. Finally, a new classic-style skin has been added that uses a numeric keypad rather than a letter/number input style; you can find this as numeric.skn.

Here is the full change list for this release:

Update (6 October 06): Older versions available for download

Did something break on you after the last update? Selected older versions are now available for download. A big thank you to Saint from Build Your Own Arcade Controls for providing the webspace for these older versions.

Update (15 September 06): Bad DOSCab 3.1.1 build

Somehow the build of DOSCab 3.1.1 was bad, causing the sound cache to become corrupted. WinCab 3.1.1 was not affected.

I have uploaded a replacement DOSCab 3.1.1; if your copy of DOSCab.exe has a build date of September 13, please download the latest DOSCab.exe. I apologize for the inconvenience.

In addition, the download prior to September 15th has the DebugLevel in jukebox.ini set to 4; this will create a very large debug file. You may want to edit jukebox.ini and set DebugLevel to Disabled.

Obviously I shouldn't do releases late at night...

Update (13 September 06): DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.1 Released

This is mostly a bugfix release, however there are a couple of small new features.

Changes in this release include:

Please read the installation information in the announcement for version 3.1 below regarding DLL changes. I hope you enjoy this release; please feel free to send me any bug reports, feedback, or excess sums of money that you have lying around.

Update (12 September 06): Bugs in DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1

Some huge bugs are showing up early... things that I know were tested and working somehow got broken before release. The biggest and most obvious is that BTN_PAUSE no longer works. You may want to hold off on downloading this until I can get fix these bugs later tonight.

Update (12 September 06): DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1 Released

This release brings the largest number of changes in any one release. Note that the DLLs have changed in this version, so simply installing the updated EXE is not enough to get a working installation.

The default installation is set up for DOS and Windows XP. If you are using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000 and you want to use a mouse, you will need to replace alleg42.dll with the included alleg42-98.dll. Simply delete or rename the alleg42.dll and rename alleg42-98.dll to alleg42.dll.

Changes in this release include:

Here's a sneak peek at the features I'm planning on working on next:

The next set to work on after that is:

Options I'm considering but haven't committed to:

Update (17 August 06): DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.0 Beta 11 Released

Finally, the first official release in over a year! Changes since the last release are:

Click here for older news items

Download DOSCab and WinCab Jukebox

Download the current version or selected older versions. See the full revision history for full details on the differences between versions.

Download Version Size Release Date Notes
Current version:
Download Version 3.1.4 4.6 MB 4 Sep 07 Current Version
Older versions:
Download Version 3.0 Beta 11 3.8 MB 17 Aug 06 Unicode fixes
Download Version 3.0 Beta 8 3.3 MB 30 Jul 05 First version with sound effects and adjustable queue sizes
Download Version 3.0 Beta 7 3.3 MB 31 May 05 First version with MIDI support
Download Version 3.0 Beta 6 2.9 MB 7 Mar 05 First version with screensaver and strip grids
Download Version 3.0 Beta 5 2.3 MB 1 Dec 04 First version with volume control
Download Version 3.0 Beta 2 2.3 MB 26 Aug 04 CD skins, ID3, skinning, rotation, TrueType, OGG, lots more
Download Version 2.41 2 MB 1 Apr 03 Required separate indexing program, no ID3 or skinning

Make a Donation

Many people have asked why DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox is free, and have asked about making a donation. Although I did briefly consider asking for a $15 registration fee at one time, I have used a great deal of free software to put together my MAME cabinet, and it was time for me to give back to the community. However, as I have painfully become aware, MAME cabinets are an expensive hobby, and work on DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox and providing technical support for it has extended into hundreds of hours. If you feel that the jukebox has been of value to you and would like to make a donation to encourage future deveopment and new features, I certainly won't turn it down. You can make a donation in any amount via PayPal using the button below. If everyone who used the jukebox donated a dollar, I could probably buy a new joystick... or at least a button.

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