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Donna and Jerry Truitt (Anticipation Dalmatians) wishes to thank everyone for their kindness and generousity following the tragic fire that destroyed their home and some of their dals.  This is a picture of Chord (Ch. Volunteer's Impromptu Anticipation (L)) who was injured in the fire and recovered after months of rehab and veterinary treatment.  He is joined by Abbey Overton, his new owner and caregiver who helped him through his ordeal and is now beginning to show him in Junior Showmanship.  Again, thanks to everyone.   


Announcing: A beautiful litter whelped Nov. 7, 2004 out of Ch. Centurion N'Cisco CEO (L) ex.   Ch Montazh Minipearl Centurion (Maggie)  2 Boys and 6 girls, including 3 livers.
                             All Bi-lateral Hearing, all finished trim.  

Following are pictures at 6 weeks:

Bitch A Bitch A os Bitch A fr

Bitch A

Bitch B Bitch B os Bitch B fr

Bitch B

Bitch C Bitch C os Bitch C fr
Bitch C

Bitch Liver Bitch Lvr os Bitch Lvr fr

Liver Bitch

Male Black Male Bl os Male Black fr
Black Male

Male Liver Male lilver os Male lvr fr
Liver Male


Bitch D Bitch D os Bitch D fr
Bitch D

Bitch Patch Bitch Patch os Bitch Patch fr
Patch Liver Bitch

Watch for updates as they grow!

Centurion History and Background
Following is a brief history of Centurion, with photos of some of our more famous dogs. To date we have owned or produced over 65 champions.

It all began in 1970 when we acquired our first Dalmatian from Crown Jewels Dalmatians in Chicago.  Her name was Crown Jewels Crystaline Jade (Crissy).  She was a great first dog for our family and for getting us involved with the sport of Obedience, and later on Conformation and breeding.

In fact Crissy was the mother of our first champion, Ch. Centurion Star of Hope, CD. She was sired by Ch. Panore of Watseka, owned by Don and Carol Schubert.  Panore was the top dog in the country in those days.

Star produced seven champions out of the 21 puppies she whelped and was ranked as a top producer in her time.

In the time between Star and 1986, we bred or owned 15 champions. Among them were Group One winners such as Ch. Centurion Bachus,  Ch. Centurion Dealer Deacon, C.D., Ch. Centurion Pippin, and Ch. Centurion Jaunty Jim.  A very special champion to us was Ch. Centurion Thunder Burstin.

Here is a picture of Burstin on the left, with his son JJ on the right.  Burstin was known for his beautiful front and his ability to pass it on to his kids and their kids.  Besides JJ, Burstin sired Ch. Centurion Double Play, Ch. Centurion Tempest, and Ch. Centurion Cosmic Traveler.

Much of our current success in breeding of superior quality livers can be traced back to Ch. Coachman's Fancy Chocolates, acquired from Coachman Dalmatians (The Fetners) in 1986.  Fancy was our first liver and provided us with a great foundation from which to build. Fancy was a product of Trump and Clove, both wonderful examples of the Coachman type.

Probably the most important contribution Fancy made to our breeding program was the whelping of the litter when she was bred to Gusto.  In this litter was the "Diamond in the rough", Tory.  So loved by the Fetners, he was named Centurion Coachman, and finished his championship easily, becoming a multi-group winner and also winning an award of merit at the DCA National Specialty in Reading PA, in 1992.
Tory was not only a great showman, but he was a fantastic producer, sire of classic Centurion dogs such as Pearl, Charlie, Cinders, Cierra, Libby. Cadet, Dugie, Flash,  and Cleo. All champions and then some.  Most have gone on to become great producers themselves and are the foundation for several other Dal breeders.  They also have the wonderful temperament of their dad, who now lives on a farm in Kentucky with our friends.

Cleo is our Best in Show  bitch, co-owned with Dr. Barry Gardner of Cisco Dalmatians, Salt Lake City.

Cleo (Ch. Centurion Center Stage) was ranked #4 in the country after being specialed by Bill Busch in 1995.  She achieved 3 Best In Shows, an Award of Merit at DCA National Specialty. She started her show career winning Best junior in Sweeps at DCA in Houston, 1991.

Cleo turned out to be a terrific producer for us too.

Bred to Jester, she produced our Chief, Ch. Centurion N'Cisco CEO.  Chief became our keep at home house dog and has been a great companion.  He loves everyone, even puppies!  Chief went on to be ranked #7 in the country in 1997 and received an Award of Merit at the 1997 DCA Specialty in Detroit.
Recently, he has moved on to be the #1 dog at our daughter and son-in-law's new home.  Susan handled him to that Award of Merit at DCA and loves him dearly.

Chief has produced some excellent pups each time he has been bred. Here is a picture of Mischief, from the breeding to Ch. Dalanna Moonlite Royal Mist (Misty) Hence the name Mis---Chief or Mischief!  And the name describes her perfectly.  She is high spirited and a delight to show.  She won Best Junior at the DCA Specialty Sweepstakes in 1998 at Perry Georgia.


Chief also produced some very nice males.  Here is another Chief and Misty pup, Ch. Centurion Citation Jet Tailwind, known as Jet.  Jet has done well as a show dog, finishing with 3 majors and first in Futurity at DCA 1997, and a Specialty Award of Merit winner.  He has also excelled as a stud dog, producing our new Special, Cappy.


   Ch. Centurion Tailwinds Captain  Cappy finished his championship with three 5 point majors, two of them specialty wins, and as a special has ranked #7 in 1999 and in the year 2000  with several Best of Breed wins and group placements.  He is a gentle dog and very easy to live with, so say his co-owners, Jim and Sandy Mayfield.  And besides he is a beautiful liver color!!

Another one of Tory's kids that we'd like to picture is Cinders.  She produced 4 champions from her first litter with Stash, and later 2 other Champions.  She is 10 years old now and still runs the household.


One of Cinders offspring from Stash is Am. Jap. Ch. Centurion Cliffhanger.  Cliff is the #1 Dalmatian in Japan and top stud dog.  One of his get was sent to America and became an American Champion.  She was bred to our Chief and whelped a litter in Japan. Here is a picture of Cliff

Also from Cinders is our little liver bitch Ch. Centurion Copper Penny, (an Augie daughter) owned by Janice Brennan  Now comes the joining of two parts of Centurion, Penny bred to Jet, producing Mac and Caleb, pictured below.

Centurion Yankee Clipper (also known as Mac) is a fine moving, typey male that finished his championship at the Animal Planet weekend shows in KansasCity. He is owned by Elaine and Janice Brennan, along with Ginger Iwaoka, and was specialed the last two months of 2000 and during 2001.  He ranked in the Top Twenty, both years.



                      Another product of the Penny and Jet combination is Ch. Centurion's Captivation of A&V.  Caleb finished his championship owner handled by Donna Truitt. He is owned by Donna Truitt (Anticipation Dalmatians) and Jacqueline Delaney (Volunteer Dalmatians) 

Other News from Centurion

On November 14, 2000   our Mischief ( Ch. Centurion Mist Chief) whelped a beautiful litter of 5 boys and 2 girls.  Sire is Ch. Centurion Camelot Knight, owned by Judy Resener of Agape Dalmatians.  Here are the latest pictures taken at a professional photographer,   Ken Schwab.

From left to right, Centurion Answer the Call (Andy)
                                                                                                                                Centurion Call Waiting(L)(Cody)
                                                                                                                                    Centurion Curtain Call (Katie)

  Centurion Answer the Call
  Centurion Answer the Call (Andy) owned by Judy Resener (Agape Dalmatians).


Trudy, (Centurion True Colors) owned by Janice Brennan, (Ch. Centurion Yankee Clipper ex. Ch. Montazh Minipearl Centurion) went  Best in Match at the Gateway Non Sporting Dog Club's fun match January 4, 2004.

Biographical Information
         Paul and Elaine Lindhorst have been involved with animals since they first married in 1964. They acquired their first Dalmatian in 1970 and have grown in the sport ever since.  Charter members of the Dalmatian Club of Greater St. Louis, which began in 1970, Paul became President in 1976 and Elaine was Show Chairman of their first AKC licensed specialty Dog show in 1976.  She is currenly Show Chairman of the future Specialties of the DCGSTL.

The Lindhorsts also have been members of all breed clubs both in St. Louis (St. Charles Kennel Club and more recently Three Rivers KC and Rhineland KC ) as well as the North Country KC in Watertown NY when they lived there in 1978-1980.

Paul is currently a Management Consultant to the Electric Motor and Generator Industry, following his  39 year career in industry with AO Smith, Magnetek, Gould and Century Electric, all one company, retiring as Vice President of Technology, in 1999.

Elaine is currently Corresponding Secretary of the Three Rivers KC and a licensed AKCgroup judge of all of the non-sporting breeds.  She is President of the Greater St. Louis Dog Judges Association and Chairperson of the Judges Education Committee of the Dalmatian Club of America. She is responsible for the recently published Illustrated Standard of the Dalmatian.  

She is also an artist, creating custom stained glass dog art for the dog fancy.  (See our link to  Centurion Glass Works ) .

If you would like to get in touch with us, please E-mail us at centdals@charter.net

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