Former WCW Heavyweight Champion, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner sat down and answered my questions in his first major interview after leaving WWE. He talks about his time spend in the WWE and his future with UCW. Below is the interview in its entirety. 


Steven:  Scott, first of all, it’s a pleasure to conduct this interview with you today. When I found out you were now involved with UCW, I was very excited and anxious to see how you will help elevate this great independent federation along with the other great talents involved. How do you feel about being involved with UCW?


Steiner:  Well Marcus Bagwell called me and told me about UCW and how they have a great vision of bringing back the WCW style and a vision to run top quality events. I had been recovering from foot surgery, where they had to place 6 screws in my foot. This looked liked the best place to start and make my comeback. It was really good timing, because 6 months ago I would have not been able to perform at 100%.


Steven: I must say that I was very disappointed with the way WWE used you during your recent time there. How did you feel about your time spent in the WWE?


Steiner:  I wasn't very happy either. I had heard rumors that the only reason they brought me in was to work Triple H. But they signed me for 3 years so I got paid regardless, so who looks stupid, not me. It is there fault they didn't use me correctly. They never used or had good spots for any of the WCW guys. GOLDBERG didn't get used like he should have either. Vince never won over or got the WCW fan base.



Steven: Why did WWE choose not to be more creative with your character and let you be involved in storylines with more wrestlers?


Steiner:  When you go up there, they make you into a robot, they even wrote my interviews, and that never happened in WCW. The same four people wrote everything for all the guys, so no one has very much personality that's different. But I don't think anyone on WWE now has much character.


Steven: I know your brother Rick is involved with UCW to a certain extent. Has their been any discussions about the two of you teaming up again?


Steiner:  No, there has not been any discussion. I am looking to my comeback as a singles competitor, but you never know what the future holds.



Steven: Looking back at your great career so far, is there anything you would do any differently or are you pretty satisfied with the way things have gone up to this point?


Steiner:  I wish WCW would have never folded. I gave them all I had.


Steven:  What person or persons have influenced you most in the wrestling business?


Steiner:  I really didn't watch wrestling as a kid, so I can't say any one person influenced me.


Steven: Has there been any wrestler that you have worked with in the past that you did not like working with?


Steiner:  In the ring I put all personal feelings aside and I am about business. I try to make the best out of each match.


Steven: Whom did you enjoy working with the most?


Steiner: I have worked with so many, I can't pick just one.


Steven:  When you compare your run in the “WWF” with your brother Rick earlier in your career and your run with “WWE” just recently, did you notice any significant difference in the way the organization was run during the different time periods?


Steiner:  It was the same. Vince calls all the shots, period!


Steven:  During your time spent in WCW, did you ever foresee the organization folding the way it did?


Steiner:  There were rumors in 1993-1994 that TED TURNER wanted to sell, but they were false. TED loved wrestling, but after he sold out his shares, the way it went down was ridiculous. They had Bozo's running it all, in the end it was a lot of BULLSHIT


Steven: Going back to UCW again, do you feel this organization has the ability to make a big impact and rule the Independent wrestling scene?


Steiner:  UCW's success depends on a major TV deal, using that to help bring the crowds in to the house shows and live events. We need a TV deal to elevate the brand and UCW as a company.


Steven: Do you have your eyes set on the UCW Heavyweight Championship?


Steiner:  I want to get back into the ring, and see how my foot holds up. Once I get in there I know those competitive juices will start flowing and I'll be champion again


Steven: What would you like to say to the fans that will come out to a UCW event in their hometown and witnessing Big Poppa Pump in action again?


Steiner:  Asheville and all the other UCW venues were always Big for WCW. I look forward to returning like only BIG POPPA PUMP can.  


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